Redwood clubs face new obstacles as they operate online

Caroline Scharf


As school remains online for the fall semester, there have been significant changes to how on-campus activities operate in order to fit into the new restrictions that come with online learning. One notable change to the school year has been the transition of Redwood clubs to an online format. Over the course of the school year, student-run clubs have been shifting their goals and working around the difficulties of zoom while still taking action to preserve the spirit of their clubs.

Juniors Arianna Ayaz and Lauren Carbullido, as well as seniors Claire Henry and Keegan Searles, explain the challenges of running a club online. Ayaz, co-president of Daraja and Carbullido, co-president of Surfrider, explain the difficulties of running a club that relies on in-person activities. Both Surfrider and Daraja have been finding ways to engage in the community as their clubs rely on fundraising and organized meetings outside of school. Art Honor Society co-presidents Henry and Searles detail how they plan to run a club that focuses on beautifying a campus that students are no longer interacting with on a daily basis. 

Although the clubs cannot meet on campus, club presidents are putting in the effort to make the experience worthwhile. Whether it is engaging with members on zoom or encouraging people to work on their own time, they are trying to keep the spirit of Redwood’s club community alive during the pandemic. Regardless of the difficulties club presidents are currently facing, each is working hard to ensure that the year will still be engaging for all club members, old and new.