Back-to-School BINGO

Martha Fishburne

Let’s face it: online learning sucks. Between bad WiFi, excessive screen time and wondering if you missed an assignment (it’s probably under Announcements on Canvas, by the way), the high school experience through a Zoom screen is hard. Even the teachers know that while we fumble our way through learning math and history online, our attention is drawn to Snapchat, TikTok, online shopping, solitaire, Among Us: literally anything but the lesson our teachers painstakingly planned out for us. And despite the masses of Baby Boomers always claiming that they had it worse at our age, it’s okay to admit that our situation is more difficult than their days of easily getting into any college they wanted. 

But don’t worry Giants, we’ve got your back. This BINGO board may not help us get back to the classrooms or help you pass that chemistry class you haven’t been paying attention to, but at least it’s not another breakout room. (For those of you who aren’t familiar, cross off boxes as you experience them. You win when you get five in a row.)