Seniors reflect on their past four years

PJ Pfeiffer

Throughout the past four years, seniors have created many memories––they have played in sports games, gone to dances and experienced something new every day. A lot has happened in the past four years, and to commemorate it all, I asked seniors to share one memorable moment from their senior year, and one from their entire Redwood experience. 

Some seniors chose more frequent experiences, such as eating lunch with their friends every day, or talking to that one teacher every period. Others chose certain events that were specific to Redwood. However, all were relevant and meaningful to them throughout the four years.

One of the students in the video, Cambry Weingart, said that the most memorable moment in all four years was the bomb threat back in 2017 and, more specifically, when all students began jumping the fence in rebellion. 

Blake Parker, another student in the video brought up prom, saying that it was the most memorable moment of all four years. Junior prom was even more special to the class of 2020 since they did not have prom this year due to COVID-19.

All the participants said that it was difficult to narrow down all their experiences into just two because they had created so many lasting memories along the way. Congratulations to all of the seniors and good luck on your next journey!