Why go on a senior trip when it can come to you?

Shannon Watridge

To all the seniors out there who are unable to travel this summer due to the coronavirus, I am deeply apologetic. While your trips may have been canceled, I hope that with this guide you will be able to easily recreate your summer vacation bucket list. It

Illustration by Kalyn Dawes

includes destination points across the globe and how to bring their cultures to life in your own backyard. So without further ado: happy travels!

Paris, France

  • If you were planning a trip to Paris, explore the delectable takeout cuisine of Left Bank. Pull up a couple of chairs on the sidewalk next to your home and watch as neighbors cross the street to avoid you. You’ll practically be able to taste the freshly baked croissants. Even better, pop that baguette (that we know you’ve been perfecting) into the oven to create that fragrant ambiance of une boulangerie.
  • Was the only reason you wanted to travel to Europe because you could drink at 18 without the hassle of a fake ID? Not to worry. While your parents are on their 17th hike of the day with the dog, just sneak on over to the cellar and snag a couple of wine glasses along with the most expensive rosé (oh and don’t forget le gruyère). With this starter package you’ll be speaking Français in no time mon ami. Here, I’ll give you a head start: “Eet eez so amusant to be een Paris.” (emphasis on the rrrrrr).

Cabo, Mexico

  • Did you buy that picture perfect bikini for your trip to Mexico so that you could look fabulous lounging on the warm sand in the 10 Instagram posts you were planning to share throughout the next year? No te preocupes. An easy recreation of this is to grab your towel and head up onto your roof. Make sure you’ve already done a couple of practice runs so that your tanning lotion is spread evenly and the Sun Bum spray hasn’t bleached your hair orange. With even a little sol, the radiated heat will make you glisten as if you just hopped out of the water de la playa. Without the ocean and the cool breeze, you could be feeling dangerously dehydrated, but don’t worry, all you need to do is sip a whipped iced coffee (recipe found on TikTok) and you are ready to go.

Tokyo, Japan

  • Were you planning on watching the Summer Olympics? Don’t worry. Staying at home is just as exciting because it allows you to create your own games in which you can even participate. Grab your family so they can join you in a round of who can clean the dishes the fastest or try to break the world record for ice cream eaten in a week. If you are looking to take a risk in the more extreme sports, just hop on over to Amazon Prime and order that slip-and-slide. Who cares if their employees are being treated like trash when you have free three-day shipping?
  • Sad that you are going to miss out on sushi? No worries. I know that there are plenty of Buzzfeed Tasty videos of white girls from Los Angeles trying to make California rolls. While spilled rice and uncooked fish may not be as fun as the sake bombing you had in mind, you always have the backup of ordering Sushiron takeout with your parents’ credit card (what is $400 to them in your time of need?).

Southern California

  • Thinking of road tripping along the coast of California? This is easy to recreate. Simply hop in the car with your family and drive around the headlands a couple dozen times until you all hate each other and someone is throwing up. Ahhh just as you had imagined.
  • Planning on lounging on the toasty sand of Venice Beach? Just take a drive over to Stinson Beach and into Seadrift like you own the place. Once you’re able to pull off those Chacos and Pura Vida anklets, they will never know that you’re not a local. There’s no way that you’ll get a ticket.

Just want to feel like a tourist?

  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge in a tank top and flip flops because even though it is 60 degrees outside and foggy, you still are in sunny California goddammit and the ultraviolet index is eight.
  • Go on a bike ride while wearing jeans and no helmet as you and a friend take your tandem bicycle through the hills of Marin while refusing to get out of the middle of the lane. You’ll be sure to infuriate the locals. Make sure to stop in Sausalito to buy your very own overpriced San Francisco t-shirt.