Coronavirus’ summer bucket list

Emma Lightfoot

Illustrated by Kalyn Dawes.

As Marin County’s quarantine continues and the possibility of an extended shelter-in-place order remains, students are anticipating the potential of a stay-at-home summer. Residents have been in quarantine for several months, causing many to turn to new hobbies, TV shows, indoor activities and more. However, many teenagers have resorted to activities such as cutting their own bangs, watching Tiger King for the third time and trying every TikTok trend possible. So, as summer approaches and awkward Zoom classes come to an end, high school students will be left with nothing to do at home. In preparation for a quarantined summer, The Redwood Bark has curated a list of things to do (and not to do) over the summer to prevent any further unnecessary haircutting, binge-watching and all-night TikToking. Essentially, this is your summer bucket list….coronavirus edition. 



  • Bake or Cook (you are going to be bored-eating anyways, so your food might as well be enjoyable)


Let’s face it. Quarantine has led us to find a new purpose in about EVERY room in our house, and the kitchen is no exception. It’s time to stop settling for the three-minute macaroni and cheese. Try something with a little more flavor and creativity; it could even be something a little bit healthier to balance out sitting on the couch for nine straight hours binging Outer Banks. Instead of the easy to grab bag of potato chips, try making some tasty kale chips. Or try some at-home fro-yo instead of ice cream. 



  • Netflix


This one goes without saying. It’s inevitable to not watch that one movie you have been meaning to see or catch up on that TV series everyone has been talking about when you have so much time! Also, how could you not binge-watch a TV show starring a 57-year-old zoo-keeper with a mullet every Redwood lacrosse player secretly envies? Not to mention he’s in jail on murder for hire and animal cruelty charges? It’s impossible not to spend all your time on Netflix.



  • Workout (or at least try)


I know it’s hard to get off of the couch (especially when you are in the middle of rewatching Gossip Girl), but this is the time that you can be innovative with working out. Now, I understand that it is hard to find motivation to stay fit when most of the public beaches and pools are closed, but that does not mean you have to stop exercising all together! In quarantine, there is no need for a gym or trainer when you have an entire exercise plan brought to you by Chloe Ting. Seriously, there are so many outlets with different programs with specific exercises and routines to help keep one in shape. 



  •  Netflix….again, and when you have run out of shows and movies there, head over to HULU and start a 30 day free trial.


Sure, Hulu doesn’t have the Netflix originals like Outerbanks or Stranger Things but there is nothing else you can do at this point. 



  • Meditate & Manifest


Being stuck inside can take a major toll on one’s mental health, and meditating can help ease some of the stress and anxiety that comes along with quarantine. Just make sure you find a time to meditate before the nightly 8:00 pm howl. Another practice which could be helpful is manifesting things into being. Now, I know this sounds a little out there but while you are in the headspace, you might as well try to help us all out and manifest a coronavirus vaccine or at least the end of quarantine!



  • Clean


This quarantine has caused all of us to become a hot mess at some point, but that does not mean our rooms have to be a hot mess too! Being stuck inside your home with all of your immediate family members can make you feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed, so make sure to keep your room clean when you need to escape. Remember, a messy room equals a messy mind.