This St. Patrick’s Day crossword will shamROCK your world

Greta Cifarelli

Every March 17, the world transforms into a green wonderland filled with top hats, binge drinking and McDonald’s shamrock milkshakes. What started as a religious holiday celebrating the death of St. Patrick has now advanced from its holy roots and given adults an excuse to parade about their city and toast on a Wednesday. After all, what other holiday revolves around getting good luck? If you can solve this crossword, you will find all the St. Patrick’s Day luck at the end of the rainbow.


1. Original color of St. Patrick’s Day

2. Patron saint of Ireland that converted the Irish to Christianity in the first century

5. What you will get if you do not wear green

6. Type of Irish folk dance

7. A leprechaun’s second job

10. Capital of Ireland

12. A place that serves alcoholic beverages

16. An arc with an array of colors

17. The river dyed green every St. Patrick’s Day

18. Possessing good fortune

19. ____ me, I’m Irish!



3. Where St. Patrick’s Day originated

4. Found at the end of the rainbow

8. The luck of the ____

9. Leprechaun’s meaning in Gaelic

11. A happy, green creature that resembles a little man

13. A way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

14. The month St. Patrick’s Day falls in

15. A four-leaf clover

20. The location of the St. Patrick’s Day festival in San Francisco