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One call you should miss

One call could change your life.

One call changed my life – and I want my money back.

The Call

In The Call, Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) is a 911 operator who gets a call she never expected. Things go wrong on a call when Turner redials the phone of a hiding girl and gives away her location to a kidnapper, leaving Turner plagued with guilt. Six months later, she gets a shot at redemption when another girl is kidnapped, but she has to get over her fear of failure in order to try to help Casey Welson (Abigail Breslin) survive a kidnapping.

Unfortunately for The Call, more things went wrong than a phone call.

Come award season, The Call could get some serious Razzie buzz in any number of categories: actress, directing, screenwriting, and even worst picture.

The acting might have been better if the script was halfway decent, but there was nothing that the actors could have done to save that script. The characters were never flushed out; the audience only ever knew a few things about the main characters.

Major plot loopholes in the story take an already unrealistic premise into total absurdity. The whole movie revolves around Turner taking a phone call that she should have never taken, considering her recent breakdown after the blown call. The rest of the movie is filled with similar errors that make for a ridiculous waste of an hour and a half.

Directorial goofs such as the Los Angeles call center emptying out at night distract from the movie’s plot, making the movie painful to watch.

The movie got off to an iffy start but quickly entered a downward spiral that left the eight people in the audience walking away in fits of laughter.

The movie is mostly laughable, but there are a few intense scenes that make squeamish people cringe.

The Call runs 94 minutes and is rated R.



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