What is the Redwood community thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Greta Cifarelli

Grateful (adjective): As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, being grateful is to be appreciative of benefits received or to express gratitude. These benefits can be interpreted differently and are unique to each person.


What do tradition, a cat, a Marin General Hospital doctor and a Redwood parent have in common? They are all something that members of the Redwood community are grateful for.

As the fourth Thursday of November rolls around for yet another Thanksgiving celebration, it is only customary to share what Redwood as a whole appreciates. So, we asked the Redwood community to reflect on what they are thankful for. This video exhibits an opportunity for Redwood to thank the people close to them, especially those who deserve more recognition. There were lighthearted responses from each grade level, as well as teachers and office staff. The responses varied slightly, but still showed a common theme of thankfulness to the people in their daily lives.

From the more expected (but still sweet) gratitude toward family and friends to the specific shoutout to a dance class or the Redwood music program, it became clear that we have so much to love. Some elaborated on their admiration, expressing a certain time that they felt especially thankful for their chosen subject. We hope that this video will allow you to reflect on what you are giving thanks to this season, and tell those people, pets, memories and places that you are grateful for their role in your life. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

The Redwood Bark