Meet the homecoming court of 2019

Audrey Lightfoot

Homecoming nominee, Lily Carbullido

Lily Carbullido:

When Lily Carbullido is not sprinting on the Redwood track, she can most likely be found on the beautiful beaches of Marin County. Carbullido is the president of the Surfrider club, a national organization that works to protect oceans and beaches around the world. She is also a four-year varsity track sprinter and a relay runner. Committed to helping her fellow students, Carbullido is a member of Peer Resource and enjoys providing advice on high school inquiries. She is extremely enthusiastic about all of her school related activities, and also enjoys simply spending time with her friends and getting to know new people. While Carbullido was honored to receive this nomination, she was not expecting it. 

“I was really surprised and a little bit confused,” Carbullido said. “I think it’s because I can connect with a lot of different people. I try to be friendly, open and welcoming so I think that is probably why [I was nominated].”


Homecoming nominee, Natalia Siri

Natalia Siri:

Homecoming nominee Natalia Siri was born to be on stage. Not only is she a four-year drama student, but she is also one of the hosts for Redwood TV. She loves performing in musicals and working alongside her peers in the theater department. Siri was recently in “Micetro” and is currently in “Horse Girls. In addition, she is involved in leadership and helps plan school events. Being nominated to the homecoming court came as a shock to Siri, but she is extremely grateful for the opportunity.

“I was super surprised. I never thought in a million years I was going to be on homecoming court. When I was a freshman I saw [the homecoming court] and thought they were so cool. I never thought that would be me. It is very crazy and it still hasn’t hit me yet,” Siri said.


Homecoming nominee, Garrett Cook

Garrett Cook:

Behind the camera of Redwood TV is homecoming candidate Garrett Cook. Cook excels at videography and is both the executive producer of Redwood TV and the video editor for the Redwood Bark. This passion for film has led Cook to consider pursuing videography in college. Besides filming, Cook enjoys skiing, mountain biking and watching movies. On top of that, Cook is a member of the Photography Club and the Gender Equality Club. When Cook learned he was nominated for homecoming court, he was excited and was appreciative for the votes. 

“I was really happy [to hear I was on homecoming court]. It means a lot that my peers respect me. I was really excited when I heard because the homecoming week [activites] sound super fun,” Cook said.


Homecoming nominee, Callaway Allen

Callaway Allen:

For most giants, Callaway Allen is a familiar face. Allen hosts Redwood TV and is a current varsity athlete on the basketball team. On the court, Allen plays shooting guard and cannot wait for the upcoming season. He loves working on Redwood TV since it is one of his favorite classes. When Allen is not in school, he loves spending time with his close friends and family. 

“I feel fortunate that my peers nominated me and thought that I was a good representation of what Redwood is. I feel like it is truly an honor that people look up to me,” Allen said.


Homecoming nominee, Drake Goodman

Drake Goodman:

Homecoming court nominee Drake Goodman’s philosophy in life is to never have a dull moment. Goodman tries to carry that mentality with him in everything he does. He is always active, whether that be in school, sports or in his personal life. Goodman is one of the Editors-in-Chief on the Redwood Bark, vice president and CFO of the club NOVA, co-president of Mock Trial and a four-year leadership student. He is currently holding the role of the chair of the athletics committee. Goodman is also the founder of the nonprofit “Recycle For Africa,” an organization that receive funds through the collection of recyclables from schools in the United States. This money then goes to schools in Kenya and Tanzania to provide proper supplies and maintain facilities. Beyond this, Goodman also co-founded the Bay Area chapter of “Junior Dec My Room,” which is an organization that decorates hospital rooms for kids who have chronic diseases. Besides all of his academic classes and projects, Goodman is an outfielder and pitcher for Redwood’s varsity baseball team.

“It’s nice knowing your peers have a certain respect for you, but at the same time it’s a gratifying feeling knowing that I can now be a role model for people younger than me,” Goodman said.


Homecoming nominee, Joey Calzaretta

Joey Calzaretta:

As the youngest sibling of five past giants, Joey Calzaretta has experienced a handful of homecomings. Calzaretta is a four-year football athlete and is co-captain of the team this year. He has an unconditional love for the sport and he believes that football has taught him the importance of a strong work ethic. Calzaretta is also a four-year member and current secretary of the Meat Society. This society unites meat lovers as they learn how to cook and taste different meats. Calzaretta was overwhelmed with the feeling of pride once he knew he had been nominated for homecoming court.

“I was stunned, but really happy that my peers recognized me to represent the school,” Calzaretta said. “I really love Redwood and the opportunities this school has given me. Being on the court makes me proud.” 


Homecoming nominee, Aaron Kim

Aaron Kim:

Aaron Kim is a multifaceted nominee who is truly involved in the Redwood community. Kim is the Associated Student Body (ASB) treasurer, president of the Meat Society, a two-year editor for the Redwood Bark, a Tobacco Use Prevention Education (T.U.P.E) member, a four-year leadership member and varsity golf team member. When not in school, Kim loves spending time outdoors either hiking or fly fishing. 

“[Being on homecoming court] is pretty special because my peers selected me and see me as one of the leaders in our grade. That is what I have been trying to do throughout my four years: be someone people can look up to, reach out to and know that they can always ask me if they need help. Being nominated on homecoming court shows me that what I have been trying to do throughout high school, I have been able to achieve,” Kim said.

Homecoming nominee, Ryo Weng

Ryo Weng:

Homecoming candidate Ryo Weng represents multiple aspects of Redwood. This year Weng is the ASB vice president, one of the Editors-in-Chief for the Redwood Bark and the president of the NOVA club. Weng also plays varsity lacrosse. Outside of class Weng is the COO of the non-profit “Recycle for Africa,” where he organizes fundraisers and goes to weekly meetings. Weng loves spending time with his family and visiting his sister in college. 

“It means a lot to me because I have put myself out there in the Redwood community by being involved in so many different organizations, clubs and teams. It feels good in hindsight knowing that I am getting honored for that [work],” Weng said. 


Homecoming nominee, Caitlin Kulperger

Caitlin Kulperger:

Caitlin Kulperger can be described by two sentiments: optimism and Redwood spirit. Kulperger is the ASB secretary, co-president of Junior State of America (JSA), a leadership student and a four-year drama student. Kulperger is in the advanced drama class and holds the role of publicity intern. This position includes publicizing all the shows and informing other students of upcoming drama events. When not at school she likes to volunteer for the National Charity League (NCL), which is a mother-daughter organization where she hosts several meetings and events.  

“I was surprised and shocked, but overall super grateful that my fellow peers thought I was good enough for the homecoming court. I am also excited to work with the other people on the court,” Kulperger said. 


Homecoming nominee, Eva Oppenheim

Eva Oppenheim:

From the classroom to the field hockey field, homecoming candidate Eva Oppenheim values both her athletics and her academics. Oppenheim is the founder and president of the physics club as well as a cabinet member of the chemistry club. In addition to her classes at Redwood, Oppenheim takes a variety of courses at College of Marin. Oppenheim is also a four-year varsity field hockey player and team captain this year. Oppenheim was extremely happy to be nominated and glad she is someone that her peers think highly of.

“I think [being on homecoming court] is a great honor to get that recognition from my classmates because I really value what they think. There are some great people [at Redwood] so them thinking highly of me is truly great,” Oppenheim said. 


Homecoming nominee, Zoe Babikian

Zoe Babikian:

Homecoming nominee Zoe Babikian is a Tiburon native and passionate dog lover. She is a four-year varsity tennis player and a two-year captain. Her involvement in tennis led her to join the Title Nine club—an organization that raises money to sponsor equality between women’s and men’s sports—of which she is the co-president. Outside of Redwood, Babikian is starting a fundraiser for UCSF Benioff Hospital. This fundraiser will help support child patients by providing yoga and breathing classes. Over the summer she raised $100,000 and she is looking forward to starting the program.  

“I was pretty surprised. A few people came up to me and told me they voted for me, but [when I found out I was on homecoming court] I was actually surprised that I got nominated and It was really nice to hear,” Babikian said. 


Homecoming nominee, Anya Klein

Anya Klein:

Walking down the hallways with spectacular Redwood spirit and an infectious smile is homecoming candidate Anya Klein. Klein is the founder and president of the “Working It” club, which helps women who have been recently released from prison rejoin the workforce. This work includes participating in fundraisers and clothing drives to help support these women as well as reteaching them interview skills. Klein is also a former Redwood lacrosse player and is excited to try out again this year. She loves spending time outside on the beach or fishing as well as watching movies. 

“I am so flattered to be nominated for homecoming, I really did not expect it. [Being on homecoming court] made me feel very loved and a part of something, which is really cool. Because I am not one of the students who is in every varsity sport, ASB, or student council, but  to still know that I am a part of Redwood [means a lot to me],” Klein said.