Desk Jam: Racquel Fox

Jenna Dahlin


“Music is just a safe space for me. If I’m having a bad day, I literally just sing in my car when I’m alone. Some people tell me, ‘I saw you driving and you were just jamming out.’ That’s where I can just really let go and be myself,” senior Racquel Fox, a musician in the Redwood music program, said.

Fox’s adoration for music sparked at an early age, stimulated by piano lessons beginning when she was five years old. Throughout middle school, Fox also took guitar lessons, but now only picks it up to occasionally to accompany her vocals.   

Fox has pursued singing through the Redwood music program and vocal coaching, participating in showcases and performances year-round. According to Fox, Advanced Performance Workshop (APW) has been a positive experience due to the talent and devotion shared by the musicians involved. The camaraderie between students has contributed to Fox’s ability to excel in the class.

Fox’s affinity for music spans across diverse genres, allowing her to apply different methods to shape her personal style.

“Listening to music, I have so much fun. I love finding new artists and songs and really finding different styles that I like and can put into my own life,” Fox said.

According to Fox, branching out into different types of music enhances her avidity for singing.

“I listen to every genre of music and I like to sing every genre of music. I can really appreciate different artists,” Fox said. “For example, I used to hate country, but I forced myself to listen to it and now I like it.”

Although she’s not officially pursuing music in college, Fox will continue singing and casually performing.

“I didn’t want to do music in a way that would stress me out. Even if it’s not for a class, music is such a big part of my life that I spend many hours a week doing,” Fox said. “I can’t imagine not singing once I go off to college.”

Music has always subsisted as a source of comfort for Fox in her most vulnerable moments, something that still holds true in her life today.

“Music is just something that’s always been there, something that will always be there. It’s something I can find solace in,” Fox said.