Photo Gallery: Sustainability Week

Jack Parsons

Thursday’s grey skies proved no match for the energetic atmosphere of Sustainability Week’s annual lunch fair. Thanks to the efforts of Peer Resource, Sustainable Agriculture, Leadership and independent sustainability-based companies with gadgets such as a  solar-powered phone charger, the South Lawn was transformed into a fun, interactive and informative fair in which students could participate in games that carried educational value.

Throughout the week, the Sustainable Agriculture class had hosted activities such as selling produce from the school garden, with the aim of educating peers about sustainability and how it can be achieved through a multitude of ways. Although Sustainability Week was an ongoing event, the highlight was the lunch fair. Students participated in activities ranging from a game of spikeball on the grass to blending a fruit smoothie by pedaling a bike connected to a blender. Lunch, catered by Stefano’s, meant solar-power baked pizza and eco-friendly smoothies. Along with grabbing a bite to eat, students could take advantage of the many informative activities that were offered.

Peer Resource booths informed the student body about safe sex, STI prevention and access to contraceptive methods. Other booths included lessons and interactive games regarding minimizing water and electricity use. A couple of  clubs, such as the RHS Surfrider Foundation Club, even made an appearance on Thursday to promote their cause and attract members for next year.