Boys Varsity Soccer tops San Marin 1-0

Jack Parsons

The boys’ varsity soccer team performed strongly in their game on Saturday Dec. 12, topping the San Marin Mustangs 1-0. This win improves their record to 6-1 after securing another crucial victory against Drake on Wednesday, Dec. 6. So far, the boys’ team is undefeated, despite their official record showing one loss due to a forfeit to Rancho Cotate, according to Max Preps.

The game remained neck-and-neck throughout the whole first half and the majority of the second half until senior captain Eamon Rogan scored on a free kick.

“We knew this game was a must-win in order to continue the momentum from Drake. San Marin was also missing a skilled goalkeeper to an injury, so we knew to take advantage of that,” Rogan said.

Although the game was up in the air for the majority of both halves, Redwood saw stellar performances on both defense and offense fronts. There were close shots on goal from sophomore Stanley Gaither, senior Aaron Schten and senior captain Brian Diaz, as well as solid defense from both sides to keep the game tight.

Coach Dave Siracusa was happy that the boys prevailed, but hoped for better offensive performance.

“I expected more goals from us. We had plenty of chances, but we just didn’t put them away. However, San Marin was better than they were last year,” Siracusa said.

Just like in any sport, a close game can become chippy, emotional, and aggressive especially when they come down to the last few minutes; the game was physical and filled with tension throughout the whole game, but things remained relatively calm as the referees took action.

“Going forward, I think that what we learned from this game is that every game will be a dogfight, and that’s how it should be,” Siracusa said.

Even though the team has done well for its first seven games, a handful of their starting players are out due to injuries.

Sophomore Erik Zolezzi is temporarily out due to a broken tibia but still observes the game from the sidelines.

“We could have played better today. I think our midfield lacks chemistry and that once our starters are healthy, we will be ready to face big competitors,” Zolezzi said.

The team’s next game is on Saturday, Dec. 16 against Terra Linda. According to Siracusa, Terra Linda will be one of Redwood’s biggest competitors within MCALs.

“Even though Terra Linda will be one of our biggest games, we need to go into every game with the same mindset; to win,” Siracusa said.