Fourth quarter comeback fails to tame the Mustangs

Maxim Kawashima

Once again, the Giants faced another tough game on Oct. 7, this time against the San Marin Mustangs. Similarly to the game the week before, a fourth quarter comeback for the Giants wasn’t sufficient to overcome the Mustangs.

The Giants trailed the Mustangs the entire game, unable to score until the fourth quarter. In the end, the Giants lost 27-18 with another fourth quarter rally almost similar to the game against Oakland Tech on Sept. 23.

The Giants were down 21-0 up until the fourth quarter, when they were able to string together three touchdowns in a row. They were able to get within three points of the Mustangs, but couldn’t close out the game.

However, sophomore running back and linebacker Joey Calzaretta did see some of the positives about the game.

“I like how we really finished; we had a slow start. Although going into the second half we got all around the board with offense, defense, and special teams. We really clicked,” Calzaretta said.

Junior running back Alex Aguero had an excellent performance, with 244 rushing yards, 52 receiving yards and two touchdowns, according to stats given by the Marin IJ.

Senior lineman Wiley Geiger attributed the loss to a multitude of factors.

“We didn’t come out that strong in the first half, at times the communication on offense wasn’t there, and we had too many penalties,” Geiger said.   

Photos by Maxim Kawashima

The first quarter proved to be a back-and-forth of defensive and offensive efforts from both teams. The Giants were on the five-yard line for a possible touchdown in the end of the quarter but a lost fumble squandered those chances.

It wasn’t until the end of the second quarter, with four minutes left, that the Mustangs scored and converted the PAT (point after touchdown) making the game 7-0. The Mustangs scored again with two minutes left in the quarter, but were unable to get a two-point conversion. The Giants were ineffective to respond, making the game 13-0 entering half time.

In the third quarter, the Giants offense wasn’t able to make any successful ground on their opponents. Five minutes in, the Mustangs scored again and completed the PAT, making the score 21-0. The Giants’ chances of even creating a competitive game was looking pretty bleak.

However, immediately into the fourth quarter, the momentum started to shift towards the Giants. Aguero was able to run through the Mustangs defense for a 95-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, the Giants kicker missed the PAT, making the game only 21-6. A couple plays later with seven minutes to go, Aguero was able to score a seven-yard touchdown but the PAT was missed once again.

The Giants who were now down 21-12 were able to force a quick turnover by the Mustangs. Then, Aguero was able to pull away for a 65-yard run through the Mustang’s defense. This set up Calzaretta to power through for a touchdown. The Giants were unable to convert a two-point conversion therefore making the score 21-18, Mustangs.

The hopes for a Giants victory were at a high by that point but were immediately crushed by a 60-yard touchdown run by the Mustangs running back making the game 27-18. The Giants couldn’t come up with any responsive drives to end the day with the loss.

Senior lineman Rocco Allenstein pointed out there are things he really enjoys about the team regardless of how the season is looking.

“I love the attitude; it’s my fourth year with my family and friends. A lot of these guys I play rugby with so it’s cool to come out and have the same attitude while having fun,” Allenstein said.  

The Giants look towards a second victory of the season against Justin Siena at Justin Siena on Oct. 13.

Photos by Maxim Kawashima