Students of the visual arts: Seniors pursue artistic ambitions

Anne Pritikin

Three seniors have decided to pursue their artistic ambitions, enrolling in their respective art schools and programs. Danielle Kisseberth will attend the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as a prospective major in Architecture. With a strong Architecture Department, facilities and professional emphasis, RISD appealed to her. Alice Sowa will be a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and plans to pursue a major in Product Design with a minor in Fibers. The Fibers Department and the opportunities to study at nearby schools attracted Sowa to the college. Eve Anderson will study at UCLA School of Arts and Architecture with an intended major in the Fine Arts. She was drawn to the liberal arts educational opportunities offered within the large university. The trio discuss their perspectives, reflections and personal histories with the visual arts and share portions of their portfolios below.