Poppin’ tags at the Tiburon Thrift Shop

Devon McClain

When heading out to go shopping, it’s unlikely that many Redwood students think about the Tiburon Thrift Shop as a source for clothing, furniture, jewelry, and other useful items. If you’re looking to give back to the Marin community or help out the environment, head down to the Tiburon Thrift Shop to donate or purchase.

Entrance to the Tiburon Thrift Shop
Entrance to the Tiburon Thrift Shop opens up to Ark Row downtown. 


Built in the 1930’s, the Tiburon Thrift Shop has continued to help and support local non-profit organizations for 87 years. The shop relies entirely upon donations to stock their shelves, and over the last five years has helped to raise over $200,000 to donate to organizations including four local churches and the Belvedere Tiburon Landmarks Society.

Stationed in downtown Tiburon on Ark Row, the thrift shop is a convenient place for Marin locals to donate and purchase items. In addition to its accessible location, the shop offers 15-minute free parking in its main parking lot, allowing for a quick purchase or a donation drop off.

Although it may look like a small shop from the outside, as one walk through the welcoming light-green front doors, you are exposed to a very spacious room with a variety of different items. This includes antiques, modern furniture, books, decorations and more. Not only are their items in good condition, but you are also greeted with smiling faces and upbeat attitudes from the employees.


Whether in search of household appliances or name brand clothes, the Tiburon Thrift Shop has it all. Items that the shop sells especially fast are tables, clothing, and cameras; some of their main customers are those looking to decorate rooms or looking to get affordable clothes in great condition.

Even though the shop does have a lot of nice qualities, it also has a few drawbacks. Occasionally it can’t accept items such as sofas, couches, TVs beds and cribs due to lack of space.

With the space they do have, employees divide the store into a few sections by category. Towards the main desk one can find several glass cases holding all types of jewelry and other accessories and directly across a very unique set of cameras. Heading past the front desk, armoires, tables and other furniture occupy the room. If interested in purchasing clothes, the back room is the place to be. From casual attire to nice gowns, the store contains clothes for anyone and everyone.

Considering the great deals, quality items, and the benefits of purchasing reused clothing, there aren’t too many reasons why you shouldn’t go to the Tiburon Thrift Shop. Even if you’re not looking to purchase, this store is a great place to donate after a little spring cleaning.