Girls’ varsity soccer falls to Novato 2-1

Lucie James

On Wednesday afternoon, the varsity girls experienced one of their last soccer games of the season against Novato High School. Novato just barely slipped a win with a score of 2-1.

While both Redwood and Novato made it on the scoreboard in the first half, Novato scored again with seven minutes remaining in the half, taking the lead. Redwood players Hannah Halford, Maddie Perro and Grace Bouton continued to communicate with each other throughout the game and made short passes up the field to get close enough to take shots at goal.  

Sprinting down the field, junior Hannah Halford attempts a shot on goal.
Sprinting down the field, junior Hannah Halford attempts a shot on goal.

According to freshman Sophia Curtaz, the team played well overall, but started to get a little too caught up in the score of the game as this was their first MCAL game of the season.

“We got a little frantic at the end, making it really hard to score,” Curtaz said.

The Giants hoped for a win since they had previously beaten Novato. Although the Redwood Giants loss was unexpected, there is still room for the team to improve before the season is completely over.

“We have a lot of good players and Novato does not have the same talent that we do, so losing was kind of hard on us,” Curtaz said.

According to sophomore goalie Samantha Ferguson, the game did not go as she and her teammates had planned, but everyone tried their best and put in their best effort.

“I think our team could have performed better, but overall we tried hard and that is all you can do,”  Ferguson said.

Although the varsity team did not win MCALs last year, the girls did expect to win or move forward at this time of the season, as it was hard for many players including Ferguson to accept the loss. Despite the girls losing their first MCAL game the team still has has a chance to move forward and play in North Coast Sections.