Avoid the storm, stay warm with these rainy day activities

Caroline Cummings

The rainy season is approaching! The Bark decided to find the perfect way to spend the day indoors and avoid the gloom in your room.

What to watch:

The Netflix original series “Bloodline” is the perfect show to watch curled up on t

Netflix's hit series
Netflix’s hit series “Bloodline” features dark vibes to perfectly complement a rainy day mood.

he couch on a rainy day. Set in a Florida Keys community by the water, the violent rainstorms present in almost every episode will match the weather outside your very own window.

“Bloodline” tells the troubled story of the Rayburn family, who seem to be a respectable and loving family who own an inn on the water. However, when an exiled member of the family returns, dark secrets from the Rayburns’ past begin to arise. Full of plot twists and shocking revelations, this show will keep you on the edge of your couch the entire time.

What to eat:

On a rainy day, a quick and easy snack is a mug cake. Known for their simplicity and short cooking time, mug cakes are a great hot dessert. Although they sometimes require quite a few ingredients, all are easily found in your cupboard.

With a variety of different recipes available online for all sorts of flavors, you are bound to find the perfect mug cake for your mood, though chocolate is particularly rich and satisfying.

Just throw the ingredients in a mug and put it in the microwave for around one minute, and you have a delicious snack to curl up with and warm you on a cold day, without the time or effort of making an entire cake or dessert.

What to do:

If you don’t want to venture outside, there are plenty of activities within your house that can keep you entertained. Adult coloring books, usually considered as a way to relieve stress, are also great to pass the time. Both calming and relatively easy regardless of your artistic ability, coloring books are a simple and enjoyable way to fill your day indoors. So grab a pack of colored pencils or markers and your coloring book, or print a template from a plethora found online. By the end of the day, these coloring books and templates will have you feeling like a natural artist.

For a relaxing side activity try adult coloring books.
For a relaxing side activity try adult coloring books.

Card games are another great way to pass the time without leaving your house. If you’re home alone, solitaire is the obvious choice. However, if you have two or more people willing to play, rummy is the best game to play. Although there are many different versions of rummy, the basic rules are simple: the goal is to create either runs, which are a set of cards in sequential order of the same suit, or groups, which are sets of cards of the same number, out of your hand. The rest can vary depending on which version of rummy you play, so you can choose the best version depending on the number of players. You won’t even notice the time passing as you fight to beat your friends or family and win the game.