Friday Night Bites: AT&T Park serves splendid snacks

Catherine Conrow

Friday Night Bites, Bark’s newest review segment, highlights hip places to eat and hang during your night out on the town. From delicious desserts to superb suppers, The Bark knows where to go to tantalize your tastebuds. For this edition of Friday Night Bites, The Bark attended a Giants baseball game at AT&T park, a perfect Friday night activity for you and your friends. We found some of the best places to eat within the stadium so you won’t be overwhelmed by the countless dining options that the park offers.

The Garden 

The Garden at AT&T park, located behind the centerfield wall, is home to some of the park’s healthiest and most delicious food made with seasonal, fresh produce. Two concessions stands are located in the garden Garden Table and Earth Table which together offer salads, smoothies and an antipasti bar.

The seating area is covered with various types of trees and vegetable plants, creating a mini oasis within the crowded, loud stadium. Seating, however, is limited, and the only way to view the game is from the scoreboard overhead or through cracks in the moveable wall.

Earth Table offers an assortment of sandwiches and flatbreads (including gluten-free options) made in a pizza oven while Garden Table serves peach and strawberry shortcakes that are not to be missed.

Overall, the strawberry shortcake ($8.25) is a tasty treat and is magnificently colorful. Served with a generous helping of whipped cream, the dessert is large enough to share between two friends.

However, while the strawberries are delicious, the cake lacks flavor and tastes slightly store-bought. Not enough of the cake is served in the bowl in relation to the strawberries, resulting in a strawberry component that tastes a little too sweet.

Derby Grill

For those looking for more traditional baseball fare, spectators should head to the Derby Grill which has locations eight locations among the Promenade, Club level, and Field level.

The grill offers burgers, hot dogs, veggie dogs, chicken tenders, loaded tater tots, garlic fries and regular fries.

The tater tots are served with flavorful bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese and chives, but are too crunchy and lack substantial filling. Ultimately, they are not worth their $9.50 price tag. Likewise, the garlic fries from Derby Grill are too oily and do not justify their $8.50 per basket price. However, the fries do have a nice, subtle garlic flavor and are salted well.

The chicken tenders from Derby Grill are one of the better ballpark dinner options. Although only three chicken tenders are served, they are large and made from quality white meat chicken breast. Fries are also included, making it a more substantial meal and a good economical option.


Undoubtedly the best ballpark food, Ghirardelli’s ice cream sundaes are the ultimate Friday night treat despite their high price ($11.25). Large enough to share, the sundaes have the perfect ratio of warm, gooey hot fudge to delicious vanilla ice cream. The sundaes are served with whipped cream, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry, which come together to create the perfect ice cream sundae.