Posie offers a new, local ice cream spot

Jocelyn Overmyer

Upon walking into Posie, the crude sound of surrounding construction work melted away, swallowed by the chatter of Posie employees. Occasional customers strolled in looking curiously at this recently opened shop.

Located in the new strip of buildings on Magnolia Ave. in downtown Larkspur, Posie is a spacious, fresh ice cream store that can provide a delicious after-school treat for those willing to pay a reasonably high price.

Posie greets customers with a view of the open layout of the shop. It is mainly composed of a large family style table and a bar-stool seating area with a few two person tables, creat

A large counter allows for customers to socialize with employees
A large counter allows for customers to socialize with employees

ing a more social atmosphere.

With two sides of the walls being large windows, afternoon light shines through,  giving the shop a natural feel.

Posie uses ingredients from local farmers, making the quality and taste uncomparable to other ice cream stores. The waffle cones are made fresh in-store with care and precision.

Posie has a selection of 12 flavors of ice cream that change weekly. The variety ranges from classic flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, to unusual, quirky flavors like thyme and scented beeswax. Flavors such as blackberry violet, buttered whiskey and spiced white were also presented.

Posie is pricey depending on the size—$4 for one scoop, $5.50 for two scoops, and $7 for three scoops. Instead of being served a large and sloppy scoop of ice cream, I received a simple, moderate sized scoop of mint cookie in a waffle cone.

The mint cookie ice cream had a smooth texture and quality that justified the price. The delicious, creamy flavor is unique because of its light and pure taste with a perfect mixture of cookies woven in. The organic ingredients created an impeccable twist on the common cookies and cream flavor.

The waffle cone proved to be an entirely separate but equally delectable indulgence. Biting into the cone, a mixture of tasty, sweet flavors of waffle meet the tongue, complementing the ice cream. The fact that the cones were hand-made was apparent after a the first delicious taste. However, the cone becomes a little messy and soft from the ice cream causing the ice cream to drip through the cone.

Posie also offers baked goods and a lunch option, which includes a open-faced sandwich, pickled vegetables and dessert. The lunch is $14, which is pricey, but the ingredients are from local farmers’ markets.

The bar stools and counter give customers a chance to witness their sandwiches being made right in front of them.

Posie also sells ice cream sandwiches for $6, which is very pricey compared to ice cream sandwiches sold at Nugget Market for $1.99.

Although not very crowded on a Tuesday afternoon, Posie is a delightful ice cream shop that offers exclusive flavors, both savory and sweet. Locals should stop by and try it out for a refreshing, rustic experience.

Posie is located at 250B Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur, just a three minute drive from Redwood.