False fire alarm sounds for fourth time in 12 days

Eric Ahern

For the fourth time in 12 days, fire alarms blared at Redwood on Monday, drawing students to the amphitheater and causing Marin firefighters to respond to the call.

The first alarm rang shortly after lunch on Jan. 27 and the second alarm interrupted the beginning of the winter rally the following day. The third alarm sounded on Feb. 2 during fourth period.

Students walk toward amphitheater after false fire alarm sounds during third period,
Students walk toward amphitheater as false fire alarm sounds during third period.

There were no apparent legitimate emergencies on any of the four days. According to an email sent to faculty from David O’Connor, the director of maintenance and operations for the Tamalpais Union High School District, the alarms have been set off by a “mechanical problem.”

In the future, false alarms could possibly deter first responders from tending to legitimate emergencies, however Greenbrae firefighter Brian Peterson and Fire Captain Don Stasiowski haven’t been bothered by receiving the calls.

“People can call for anything at any time. We’re just going to treat it like any other emergency,” Peterson said. “We’ll take care of what we have here, clear the call, and other units will take care of the other ones.”

According to Stasiowski, the mandatory procedure when solving the problem of recurring  false alarms is to hire a contractor to asses and fix the issue at hand. O’Connor affirmed that the alarm crisis will be resolved within the next two weeks.