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Sweet delights at San Rafael Farmers’ Market: Waffle Mania, Brittany Crêpes and KettlePop
Sweet delights at San Rafael Farmers’ Market: Waffle Mania, Brittany Crêpes and KettlePop
Nick HartungApril 10, 2024

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Illustration by Ava Stephens
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Beckett TudorApril 9, 2024

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Rolling the dice: The harmful effects of sports betting promotions
Rolling the dice: The harmful effects of sports betting promotions
Matthew KnauerApril 6, 2024

  Nobody could have predicted the monumental impact of Murphy vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association in May 2018. Two and a half...

A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator finish their tour with a bang


Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky wowed their audience in San Francisco Sunday night, Nov. 15, marking the last concert in their two month “Rocky and Tyler Tour.” The unconquerable energy of the crowd combined with the strong performances of the rappers made this performance a night to remember.

Two hours before the show, the line was already wrapped around the block of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, filled with many eager Redwood students and fans awaiting a show that would leave powerful lyrics playing in my head for days.

The crowd exploded with anticipation as Taco Bennett, a beloved member of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA), took his position behind the DJ table shortly before Tyler and Jasper Dolphin, another OFWGKTA member, joined him on stage. This was very exciting, as Bennett and Dolphin are cast members of the OFWGKTA show, “Loiter Squad” and it was a pleasant surprise to see the recognizable characters on stage.

After greeting the crowd, Tyler displayed his amazing rap skills when he kicked off his performance with “Deathcamp,” a song featured on “Cherry Bomb,” and later performed favorites from his previous album “Wolf,” such as “IFHY,” “Tamale” and “Jamba.” Tyler exhibited the same level of intensity and audacity heard on his studio tracks, and his live performance made my opinion of his talent more emphatic and wholehearted. His emotionally charged yet humorous lyrical style may deter some listeners, but it is unquestionable that he is a born performer.

Ultimately, Tyler’s interaction and strong connection with the audience made his performance particularly memorable. For instance, shortly after he emerged from backstage, when a fan jokingly gifted him an inhaler in reference to his well-known struggle with asthma, he accepted it in front of the audience.

Tyler’s outstanding performance roused the crowd with his explosive personality and stage presence, setting up the second headliner, A$AP Rocky, to feed off of that energy

A$AP premiered at 10:15 p.m, and made a great impression as he took the spotlight for the following hour. Joined by his entourage, A$AP electrified the crowd with his stage presence and lyrical ability.

The Harlem-born performer took his performance to the next level by incorporating a multimedia aspect to his show through the use of a three story structure built of television screens that changed colors and occasionally displayed lyrics to accompany his songs.

His most popular songs, such as “L$D,” were featured on his set list. Toward the end of the show, he performed “Everyday,” which incorporates a slower jazz theme. Familiarity with his music was definitely an advantage when it came to the experience of the concert, as many audience members knew all the words and there was a greater feeling of camaraderie. However, the sheer energy of the show would have made it enjoyable for any concert-goer who loves rap music.

While headliners were the most impressive of the show, the openers were also noteworthy. At about 7 p.m. the first opening act, Vince Staples, took the stage with a short but sweet setlist including “Norf Norf” and “Blue Suede” as the crowd filed into the theater. While Staples certainly made it clear that he is a talented artist, the distraction of the people entering the hall deterred from the overall experience.

Following Staples was a powerful show from Danny Brown, a more established rapper from Detroit known for his 2013 album, “Old,” in addition to his contribution to the popular single “Detroit vs. Everybody,” released in 2014. Brown’s sound, specifically the higher inflection of his voice, is very unique, so his performance may not have been to everyone’s taste. However, the crowd was engaged and many rapped along, which made the experience much more enjoyable.

Even the stage sets were incredibly imaginative. After Brown’s performance, the set was changed to look like a play room, with an enormous chest of stuffed animals stationed next to large spelling blocks and a life-sized doll box labelled “Cherry Bomb,” after Tyler’s April album. The lively energy on stage excellently captured his playful character. Tyler’s teasing set combined with A$AP Rocky’s futuristic set created a well-balanced, compelling performance.

As a nod to his fellow performer, A$AP finished the show with a freestyle to Tyler’s “Yonkers,” ending the night, as well as their partnership, with a bang.

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