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Prime parking- no permit required

As the number of students at Redwood has grown, parking spaces in the school lots have become a hot commodity. The Bark looked at the best spots in the surrounding neighborhoods for those days where every where else is full and evaluated them based on ease of access to main roads, distance from campus, and space availability.

William Ave.:

William Ave. is located past San Andreas and runs parallel to the bike path. Despite the walk required to get to and from William Ave., spots on this street are abundant making it an easy place to park off campus. A trip from William Ave. requires about a five-minute walk, so if parking here, one would have to plan ahead for an early arrival. Despite a longer walk to school than from the Redwood lot, the street provides plenty of parking spaces to accommodate many students who can’t find other parking. However, William Ave. is not the best option for someone looking to leave campus during lunch, as it is disconnected from most nearby streets. It is helpful for after school, on the other hand, as it provides a less-used road to help escape on-campus parking lot traffic.

3.5/5 stars


Lucky Drive:

A spot on Lucky Drive, behind the back lot, is almost as good a deal as a spot in the on-campus parking lot. The quick freeway access provides students an easy way out when driving to lunch and avoiding after-school traffic. Though parking on Lucky Drive requires a two to three minute walk, the quick access to surrounding roads makes the walking time worth it. However, the nickname “Sophomore Row” may leave upperclassmen reluctant to park here. Limited spots may also require students to plan an early arrival, but for a driver who can’t park in the main parking lots, Lucky Drive is their best option.

4/5 stars

October Map
Map of Redwood and surrounding streets

Larkspur Plaza:

Larkspur Plaza, which branches off of Doherty Drive between Hall Middle School and the Mt.Tam Racquet Club, provides the most space for student parking. Though there is bountiful space, parking there requires one to walk the entire length of Doherty Drive to get to Redwood, which takes as long as 10 minutes. Someone looking for a spot on Larkspur Plaza would have to arrive early to be able to complete the walk. The road is also not ideal for anyone looking to drive off campus during lunch as the walk to a parked car would be far too long. The space is too disconnected from Redwood to be considered a first choice in off-campus parking.

1/5 stars


Meadowood Drive:

Though Meadowood Drive is one of the lesser known off-campus parking destinations, it has its benefits. Hidden past the Redwood football field near Rose Lane, Meadowood is a good spot for a quick arrival to school. When following the path that cuts through Redwood’s football field, the walking time can still reach around eight minutes. One of Meadowood’s greatest advantages comes with its location as it is one of the few parking spots near school that provides shade. This makes it a more likely candidate for an extra hot day. Although Meadowood does not provide a quick enough route to leave campus for lunch, the space does lend easy access to main streets like Magnolia Ave. for an easy after school exit.

2.5/5 stars

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