Tam District Implements Google Apps for Education

Pearl Zhong

The Tamalpais Union High School District introduced Google Apps for Education to all students and faculty this school year.

Google Apps for Education is a package of online services, including Google Docs, Slides, Spreadsheet, Sites, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Vault, and Classroom, which is its newest addition.

“We’ve had a lot of teachers and students moving towards Google Docs on their own in particular, so we decided to bring it in house and create a Google Apps for Education domain district wise. It’s easy to send things that way. Teachers can make live comments and share it back,” said Tara Taupier, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services.

Google Classroom

According to Taupier, Google Classroom is a learning management system within the Google Domain, where teachers can post documents, videos, and offer immediate feedback on essays and homework assignments.

“I think it’s a really useful tool, in case someone loses the handouts, it’s nice to have a copy online. I appreciate how accessible it is,” said junior Sanjana Seshadri, who uses Classroom in her AP English Language & Composition class.

Along with Google Apps for Education, students were also provided with Tam District emails.

“Students say, ‘I have 4 different Google accounts, I’m not sure where I saved my homework,’ except now you know where to go, and it’s a little more dynamic than just a website where you can post documents. It’s also more environmentally friendly,” said Taupier.

The email addresses are exclusively for TUHSD, meaning email can only be sent and received amongst other students within the same domain.