Patxi’s Pizza delivers depth to Bon Air dining scene

Sam Sheridan

Patxi’s Pizza has already proven itself as one of the superior chains in the Bay Area, and with its newest location at Bon Air Center, a large variety of deep dish and thin crust pizzas are only a quick trip from Redwood.

Patxi’s interior has a modern decor, with five large TVs over the bar playing a wide variety of sports, from hunting to football. The downside is, however, that these screens are only visible from the bar area of the restaurant. The walls are covered in thin wooden panels, and the light aluminum chairs are reminiscent of The Counter in Larkspur. There is also an outdoor patio that is surprisingly sheltered from the noise of nearby Sir Francis Drake Boulevard.

There is a bustling atmosphere as soon as the customer walks into the restaurant and there will likely be an enthusiastic Redwood student greeting customers by the door. Though there is a social vibe, the tables are spaced far enough apart to allow an audible conversation.  The loud music playing in the restaurant, however, can occasionally be overwhelming.

Patxi’s Pizza offers a variety of appetizers, from artichoke dip ($9) and bruschetta ($11) to warm brussel sprouts ($8 for small, $14 for large).

Patxi’s serves typical dinner salads such as butter lettuce, arugula, chopped and Caesar, which range from $6 to $15. With bland green peppers, overpowering olives, and an insignificant amount of vinaigrette, the Greek salad was unimpressive and will leave the consumer hungry and unsatisfied.

Patxi's greek salad
Patxi’s greek salad fails to impress.

The customer service at the restaurant was also sub-par. Even after persistent asking, the water took 15 minutes to arrive because of a waiter meeting occurring at 5:30 p.m.

However, after a salad and a 30-45 minute wait, a deep-dish pizza will surely satisfy a built-up appetite.

The BBQ chicken deep dish had small pieces of tasty BBQ chicken complemented by flavorful bacon marinating in a molten flow of cheese. This gooey cheese and chicken combination is drenched in tomato sauce and laid atop a chewy yet flakey crust that’s similar to a Pillsbury biscuit. Patxi’s Pizza even provides a side of honey to squirt on the crust for dessert, a delicious treat they call “honey on the bone.” The pizza is topped with thinly sliced jalapeños that add complexity to the flavor without overpowering it.

Patxi's BBQ chicken deep dish pizza
Patxi’s BBQ chicken deep dish pizza is a delicious combination.

Patxi’s deep-dish pizza comes in a 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch size, which range anywhere from $20 to $30. They also sell thin crust pizza that comes in 10-inch and 14-inch sizes, and cost anywhere from $12 to $30.

There are many types of deep-dish pizza on the menu. The “Vegan” offers whole-wheat crust, spinach, garlic, red onion, and vegan cheese. The “Matt Cain,” named after the Giants pitcher, features pepperoni and garlic fennel sausage.

Both the deep dish and the thin crust pizzas are customizable, with a choice of meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

Though a trip to Patxi’s is a splurge, it’s definitely one of the better sit-down restaurants in Bon Air Center and is worth trying if you want a full stomach and an empty wallet.