Tempting Thai food to taste throughout Marin

Keely Jenkins

When looking for take-out other than Chinese food, The Bark has your back with a review on the best yellow curry in Marin. The Bark compared the yellow curry of four restaurants: Thep Lela in Strawberry Village, R’noh Thai in Larkspur, Tha Siam in Larkspur Landing, and Tub-Tim in Corte Madera. The curry was reviewed on its taste, consistency, and cost. The ambiance of each restaurant was also taken into consideration.


Thep Lela Thai Restaurant (5 stars)

Located in the Strawberry Village shopping area, Thep Lela serves the best yellow curry. Although the most expensive at $12.95, the order is sufficient for two people and the flavor is the most desirable. The consistency of the curry is creamy and thick, and the spices are balanced perfectly with the coconut milk. The flavor and texture of the chicken, potatoes, and carrots is also the most delicious of the four curries.

Thep Lela proved to be the tastiest curry.
Thep Lela proved to be the tastiest curry, despite its expensive price at $12.95.

The experience of dining at Thep Lela is bettered through the ethnic ambiance of the restaurant. Sitting options that range from chairs to cushions and large windows give the restaurant a spacious feel, while  the colorful skirts of the servers and decor complete the feel. The furnishing, better than R’noh Thai, places Thep Lela at the top of the list.


R’noh Thai (4.5 stars)

Overlooking the Corte Madera Creek, R’noh’s curry, combined with its close proximity to Redwood, placed it in a close second. Priced at $12.25, R’noh serves the same size portion as Thep Lela, but is cheaper. A standard yellow curry includes potatoes and carrots, but R’noh’s curry successfully incorporates snow peas and zucchini as well. The curry is creamy, and although it is the spiciest of the four restaurants, the additional vegetables and scenery of the restaurant makes the dining easily enjoyable. Orange walls, a fireplace, and an outdoor deck create an intimate, homey, and appealing atmosphere.


Tha Siam (4 stars)

Situated in Marin County Mart in Larkspur, Tha Siam’s accessible location makes it the perfect pre or post movie dinner. With smaller serving sizes than R’noh and Thep Lela, the price of $10.95 is reasonable. Despite the price, the yellow curry at Tha Siam is called a Kang curry, which means the curry’s prominent flavor is the coconut milk, making it very sweet. The consistency resembles a broth and the chicken is not very flavorful, but fresh, crunchy vegetables are a nice reprieve from the typical mushy potatoes and carrots. Tha Siam’s location, service, and smaller size make up for the restaurant’s mediocre curry.


Tub-Tim Thai (3 stars)

Hidden behind the gas station by Town Park in Corte Madera, Tib-Tum Thai serves the worst curry of the four restaurants. Although it is the same price as Tha Siam’s curry at $10.95, the serving is the smallest. The restaurant’s curry is also a Kang curry, and is sweet and almost grainy in its texture. Tub-Tim’s curry is similar to Tha Siam because the curry is sweet and the viscosity is low. The restaurant did not have many windows either, but the owners do make the most of the location by including artificial plants, little fountains, and friendly service.