Slam team defends title at annual Tri-School Poetry Slam Competition

Annie Forsman

Redwood’s slam poetry team utilized their rhythmic skills, intertwining and contorting their poetic verses and styles, to win their sixth consecutive Tri-School Poetry Slam on Wednesday night.

The annual Drake, Redwood, and Tam face off was held at the Drake High School Theater, where the teams went through three rounds of judging to secure the 2015 title and the event’s admission money as a prize.

Redwood’s team is composed of senior Sabrina Nargiz, juniors Olivia Sinclair, Jason Seavey, and Jake Baldwin, and sophomores Eric Ahern, Stephanie Oh, and Alberto Deleon.

As the competition unfolded, the teams went head to head, with Tam winning the first round by .4 points, and Redwood securing the second round in a tie breaker.

The last round consisted of the group poems, where Redwood performed their winning collaborative piece, “Brains.”

First round:

[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

“Evolution” by Stephanie Oh


[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

“A Poem for my Mom” by Alberto Deleon


[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

“No Hands Minivan” by Olivia Sinclair


Second round:

[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

Untitled by Jason Seavey


[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

“Clocks” by Olivia Sinclair and Sabrina Nargiz


[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

“Icarus” by Eric Ahern


Final round:

[vimeo id=”″ size=”large”]

“Brains” by the Redwood slam poetry team