Serve yourself the best frozen yogurt in Marin

Julia Cherner

With summer just around the corner, frozen yogurt proves a tasty warm-weather treat. The Bark compared the chocolate fro-yo at four locations across Marin: Swirl in Mill Valley, Mag’s Local Yogurt in Larkspur, Yolo Yogurt Lounge in Mill Valley, and U-Top It in San Anselmo. The yogurt shops were ranked based on taste, consistency, affordability, and overall experience.

Swirl in Mill Valley proved the best overall.
Swirl in Mill Valley proved the best overall.

Swirl (5 stars)

Swirl, located on Miller Ave in Mill Valley, proved to be the best overall. Along with being the cheapest option at $.47 per ounce, the yogurt has the thickest consistency and the richest flavor. Of all the locations, the fruit at Swirl is the sweetest and freshest. Although many fro-yo places have similar atmospheres, Swirl’s is the friendliest. They broadcast Giants games on a wide-screen TV and have a slideshow playing of pictures of kids and their yogurt on another screen, creating a family-friendly atmosphere.


Mag’s Local Yogurt (3.5 stars)

With its close proximity to Redwood, Mag’s Local Yogurt, located on Magnolia Ave. in downtown Larkspur, is a convenient option for an after-school snack. Being a locally-owned store, the ambiance is welcoming, with a couple of smiling Redwood students working behind the counter. However, the actual yogurt has a bland flavor and a watery consistency that leaves much to be desired, and the toppings are nothing to write home about. The yogurt is priced at $.55 an ounce.


Yolo Yogurt Lounge (3 stars)

Yolo Yogurt Lounge is located only a couple of blocks from Swirl in Mill Valley. While the ambiance of the location feels clean, with bright and colorful walls, the yogurt is disappointing. Although the flavor is rich, the “Ghirardelli Chocolate” yogurt is a little too sweet and overpowers the variety of toppings. The melty consistency is a disappointment and the fruit is too sour and does not taste ripe enough. The yogurt is priced on the cheaper side, at $.52 per ounce.


U-Top It (4 stars)

U-Top It’s delicious yogurt is well worth the trek to San Anselmo. Although the most expensive of the bunch at $.57 an ounce, the location had the most unique and vast toppings selection, from bacon bits to melted marshmallow. The bright pink walls and amount of natural light contribute to an airy, pleasant environment. The yogurt has a rich but not overpowering flavor but a melty consistency. The toppings are displayed in the most sanitary way, so the customer does not touch the other toppings when serving themselves.