‘Younger’ lacks engaging plot line despite humor

Ella Cook

After being mistaken as a younger women at a job interview, Liza Miller decides the only way she will be able to get a job is if she lies about her age. And thus begins the plot of “Younger,” which debuted March 31 on TV Land.

After Miller ends her marriage, she is forced to leave her old ways as a stay-at-home mom behind and return to the workforce.

Viewers quickly learn that one of Miller’s main reasons for taking time off of work was to raise her daughter, Caitlyn. After Caitlyn leaves for a semester abroad, Miller decides it is time to begin working again.

The pilot begins when Miller realizes that she is out of touch with the younger generation, making it hard for her to find a job in the advertising field in New York City.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.15.48 PM
Maggie helps Liza disguise herself as a 26-year-old, in new show “Younger.”

Through exploring adventures in trying to stay with the latest trends, “Younger” takes a comedic tone. Liza struggles to understand pop culture references and social media websites, providing a light-hearted humorous thread.

While much of the humor is funny to a younger generation, those who do not understand cultural trends of the current generation may not enjoy it as much. Additionally, the jokes made in the show were somewhat comical but didn’t leave a lasting effect.

For the most part, the plotline is simple and easy to follow. Most problems presented in the show are solved within the episode.

Because of the simplicity, it does tend to get monotonous and is hard to watch more than one episode at one time. For example, it primarily takes place in Miller’s office.

“Younger,” offers variety to the network, TV Land, creating contrast between its other shows such as “Hot in Cleveland,” and “The Exes.”

“Younger,” airs on TV Land on Wednesday at 8 p.m.