Gallery: Junior varsity football narrowly defeats Novato

Pearl Zhong

The junior varsity football team barely scraped a victory against Novato with a 6-0 win this Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Homecoming game.

The only score of the game happened when Redwood gained possession of the ball in the second quarter after an interception made by sophomore Kyle Campbell. This allowed junior Dylan Antone to score a touchdown after a handoff from sophomore quarterback Trevor Foehr.

Another key interception occurred when sophomore Andres Marroquin recovered the ball after a Novato fumble late in the fourth quarter, ending a long Novato run.

The majority of the game consisted of back and forth play because of strong defensive tactics on both teams.

Redwood’s defense left Novato scoreless, in large part due to sophomore Gus Buddie, who made several key tackles.

The play stopped in the second quarter when Redwood sophomore Drew Dawson was pulled from the game due to leg cramps from dehydration.

After being given hydrating fluids, Dawson later returned to the game.

The Giants’ next game will be against St. Vincent de Paul on Oct. 16 at 4 p.m.