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Friday Night Live hosts capture the flag to promote sobriety

Around 80 students attended a glow-in-the-dark game of capture the flag at Piper Park, hosted by Friday Night Live on Friday, May 9.

One of the members of Friday Night Live socializes with students between capture the flag games.

The students stood behind the line of cones in the middle of the field separating the two teams—red and blue—from each other.  The offense took a running stance, waiting for the chance to sprint to their glowing objective, while the defense stood their ground, ready to intercept anybody from the opposing team.

When not playing in the games, students relaxed with friends as they roasted marshmallows over a fire produced from the coal grills, bought tacos and burritos from a taco truck, and enjoyed a few cans of soda.

This was the third event of the year hosted by Friday Night Live, a club of around 15 students who promote sobriety.  “We want to create the opportunity for a sober environment for people who choose to be sober,” said Jon Hirsch, advisor of the club.


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