Taylor Lee Former Staff

Taylor Lee is a senior at Redwood and proud to be a Barkie. The Bark room has become her second home. But she has many other interests. She has been playing piano for 9 years and continues to play competitively. Taylor is an active member of the Leadership class and the President of the Model United Nations Club. She has interning experience at the Marin District Attorney’s Office. Other outside interests include dance, running, artsy hikes, camp counseling, badminton, baking cookies, and music videos.

Contact Taylor Lee: tlee@redwoodbark.org.


Waitlisted student sheds light on quest for admission

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You get waitlisted and it’s the same thing all over again.” Bella Kashefi, like many seniors, spent hours and hours poring over her college applications, working hard to perfect them. But once she started receiving her long-awaited responses in mid-March, she was not happy with her results — a combination of schools on her safety […]


The roots of the rose garden

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April showers have definitely brought May flowers, especially in the Redwood Quad. Just one step into the sunlight and you will be enveloped by the fragrance. The four-year old carefully cultivated Redwood Rose Garden was originally dedicated to the classified staff, which includes janitors, secretaries, and CEA staff, but it now holds a very special […]

BAND STUDENTS Ian Lewitz, Andy Haden, Jane Bhan, Carol Lee, Kenneth Berreman, and Rayna Saron enjoy the view in Yosemite while posing for a picture.

Band performs on the way to Yosemite

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Around 45 members of the Wind Ensemble, Advanced Performance Workshop, and the Jazz Band travelled to Yosemite last week for a five-day bonding trip, stopping along the way to perform for the Fresno State Orchestra and at Sierra High School. Band teacher John Mattern takes his students to Yosemite every few years to help foster […]

James Harding, the clown in The Winter’s Tale production, explains to his shepherd father, played by Leo Zaklikowski (right), that he discovered a baby and a bunch of gold in the woods in a rehearsal in the Quad.

Drama takes on Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale

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First-year advanced drama students will be journeying to the 1600s to produce The Winter’s Tale, one of Shakespeare’s last plays. The play will open the week of March 18 and run for two weeks, featuring a new combination of actors each night. Junior Abby Hanssen, stage manager for the show, said The Winter’s Tale is […]


Ghilotti turf field opens

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The southeast corner of Redwood once featured a field covered with holes and dead grass and was known as the home of more full-sized wild geese than athletes. However, Ghilotti Field recently found the lifeline it needed to be resurfaced into a brand new turf field. The field officially opened on Monday, Feb. 24 after […]

Under the InfluencedataWEB

Film warns of sex under the influence

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Noticing a rise in Marin County cases involving substance abuse and sexual assault, Marin County District Attorney Edward Berberian worked with psychologist Michael Grogan to create an educational video displaying the dangers of sexual activity under the influence, along with other topics relevant to high school students. “Alcohol use in this county per capita is […]


Sexual boundaries blurred when alcohol is a factor

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“What’s the big deal if I’m not driving anywhere, and we’re in this one house, and no one else is coming,” said “Brooke,” a student who wished to remain anonymous. “And so I started drinking.” The night began as a few teenagers gathered for some recreational drinking. One drink led to another, and it wasn’t […]


Rising grades: grade inflation or student motivation?

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A 4.0 used to be holy ground for high schoolers. It was rare to come by a student with that perfect GPA. But today, 25 percent of Redwood’s senior class has higher than a 4.0 GPA. Much of the increase has to do with the fact that a 4.0 is no longer the GPA ceiling. […]

Freshmen Jordan Stern makes a leaping catch at practice on Oct. 7

Day in the Life: Ultimate frisbee offers a fresh spin on athletics

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Once school has cleared out for the day and the South Lawn appears vacant, one under-recognized team takes the grass. They arrive in sports attire, equipped with special cleats and dozens of Frisbees. And although they consist of less than 20 players and are not considered an MCAL league school sport, it’s their small numbers […]


District adopts iPads in class

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As the need to stay up-to-date with technology becomes a higher priority in classrooms, the Tam District is investing in over a thousand iPads for student use. With a program already started for more than a hundred underclassmen at Drake, the process is underway for iPads to be arriving in select classrooms at Redwood starting […]