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Sarah Goldwasser is excited to return to Bark as Editor in Chief for the second semester of her senior year! Being an extremely social and extroverted person, some of Sarah’s favorite activities include reading books and becoming too emotionally invested in fictional characters. Other hobbies of hers include playing trumpet and guitar, acting, singing, filmmaking, traveling, and baking lemon bars. After college, Sarah plans on either going to medical school or pursuing a career in media armed with an English major and extensive knowledge of movie trivia.

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Sarah and Broden EIC Farewell

Chief’s Farewell – Sarah Goldwasser

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A few weeks ago, my sister Lily and I hiked down from the Marin Headlands to Rodeo Beach. And, on that foggy morning, we grabbed hands and dunked into the Pacific Ocean, totally submerged. It was freezing, and a shock to the system. The trip was held for a few high school seniors at my […]

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Thieves cash in on debit card scams

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The Target data breach last December made vulnerable up to 70 million customers’ debit and credit card information. However, card fraud can also occur on a much smaller scale. Debit card information can also be easily stolen through card readers called skimmers, and Bay Area gas stations have been hit in the past by thieves […]

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Stars and sequels forever: the return of Captain America

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In the golden days of comic books, men and women clad in skin-tight suits primarily had the job of beating up Hitler. But now, in this digital age, our favorite protectors of freedom have missions more fit for the post-modern era. Marvel Studios has shifted its plot focuses to dilemmas that modern-day superheros would need […]

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All in the family: Three portraits of changing family life

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The traditional American family, such as families portrayed in 1950s sitcoms such as Leave it to Beaver, is becoming an outdated concept. More recent shows like ABC’s Modern Family portray the transformation of the “typical” American family into a more unconventional, diverse amalgam of cultures and ethnicities. A 2010 Pew Research Center study done in […]


The future is now? Questioning career choices

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What are you going to be? At a recent Career Conversation, the presenter went around the room and asked the few attendees what we were “going to be.” It’s reasonable to assume she meant what we planned on pursuing as careers. Most of us have been posed this question before, but in a tone used […]


The Evolving World of Special Ed

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Two girls are eating lunch together. One notices a bit of food on the others’ cheek and wipes it off. As small a gesture as this may seem for some, the interaction means much more from a developmental and social standpoint. Every Tuesday, the Terra Linda High School special day class students visit Redwood to participate in a unique educational collaboration: they’re here to see their friends […]

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Back to Baker Street: Sherlock satisfies in third season

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He’s back. That’s right — the scarf-wearing, swaggering sleuth Sherlock Holmes lives. After a mind-boggling two-year hiatus, BBC’s Sherlock is premiering in the U.S. on Jan. 19 for its third season. Viewers’ hearts fell at the finale of season two, when (spoiler, although the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are about 100 years […]

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Redwood alumnus to be on Daily Show for new book

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Redwood class of 1983 alumnus Mark Fainaru-Wada will be interviewed on The Daily Show this Thursday night to discuss his new book, League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth. Fainaru-Wada is a journalist who works for ESPN with his brother Steve Fainaru, with whom he co-wrote League of Denial. Their book […]

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Iconic tragedy adapted once more for the screen

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First, there was the classic Zeffirelli version. Thirty years later, there was the Leonardo DiCaprio one we try to avoid speaking about. And now a third Romeo and Juliet movie, which premiered Oct. 11, has attempted to marry the tradition of the 1968 film with the gaudy appeal of other adaptations. Romeo and Juliet is, […]

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Sci-fi podcast dazzles with strange stories

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Mysterious hooded figures who roam a barricaded dog-park, ten-foot tall angels that change lightbulbs, a five-headed dragon running for mayor (who is accused of insurance fraud), and a floating cat hovering in the men’s bathroom of the local radio station. Welcome to Night Vale. To say one listens to a podcast in this day an […]