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Kayla Aldridge is a second year barkie and copy editor on the Redwood print staff. She's played soccer for more than two thirds of her life and enjoys running, sometimes. She's visited more countries than states, loves to travel, and hopes to take a gap year in Spain next year.

Contact Kayla Aldridge: kaldridge@redwoodbark.org.


Marin offers sunrise spots even Monet couldn’t paint

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As is tradition after Grad Night, seniors may gather together to admire a beautiful sunrise as the dawn of a new beginning. Although these spots have been picked specifically for the seniors, anyone who enjoys an early rise or a short hike can enjoy. Ring Mountain: 4 Stars Ring Mountain offers an abundance of clear […]


Taking a stand: Teachers turn toward ergonomic desks

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Records Secretary Suzanne Ledbetter was one of the first Redwood staff members to make the switch to a stand-up desk after seeing one of her colleagues at Tam do so. “Most of the people, including myself, do it for health reasons because the sitting is not good for you,” Ledbetter said. Many staff and faculty […]


Calling all victors: It’s time to travel to the Games

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Calling all victors: It’s time to travel to the Games Visitors enjoy an interactive experience while walking through scenes from District 12, District 13, the reaping ceremony, the training arena and the resistance headquarters. Fans can make decisions resembling those in the movies, and learn fighting moves that were practiced in the training arena during […]


Helicopter Parenting: The fear of failure and need to succeed

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According to a study conducted about millennials by the US Chamber Foundation, parents of millennials play a large part in their children’s educational experience through their active involvement. Working hard will hopefully prepare us for a successful future—in whatever means success is measured—but what isn’t okay is parents being overly involved roles in their children’s […]


CEA follows trend by shifting menu to healthier options

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In August, the Sausalito Marin City School District became the first in the nation to serve all non-GMO and organic foods in their cafeterias. Though not quite as dramatic a shift, the Redwood Covered Eating Area, also known as the school cafeteria or CEA, has also experienced many changes in food quality, menu items, and […]


Hitman: Agent 47 fails to impress as video game movie

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From the get-go, the viewer may be confused as to why the bald man in the black suit is holding a gun, unsuccessfully trying to appear threatening. “Hitman: Agent 47,” starring Rupert Friend as Agent 47, lacked the elements of rawness and simplicity that comprise an entertaining action movie. Any sci-fi or action movie lover may […]

Graphic designer follows in father’s footsteps

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Next year, senior Haley Turner will be following her passion for art after receiving a talent-based scholarship to attend Chapman University’s highly selective 24-person graphic design program. Turner has completed numerous arts courses at Redwood: Graphic Design, Senior Projects Graphic Design, two years of AP Art, Photography, and Drawing and Painting, and she is now […]

Senior Matine Kazemi will spend her year pursuing music.

Seniors take a year off to explore other options

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“The path less traveled” may seem tedious to many, but for some, it is one that will shape the next year of their lives. Seniors Matine Kazemi, Ella Hoberman, and Sam Crolla, as well as other students, will each be diverging to take a slightly less conventional route for a year—they will be taking a […]


Caindec family provides homemade meals to shelter

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It’s 4 p.m. on a Monday, and the Caindec family is preparing their home-cooked meal to bring to the homeless shelter. The Caindecs have been volunteering through their church as a part of the Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (REST) for more than five years. REST was helped found in 2009 by junior Emily Caindec’s father, […]

The current drought has taken a toll on Hoover Dam, seen here in late March. Many cities in California, including Los Angeles, rely on the dam’s water for a consistent supply of power.

Drought worsening prompts new state regulations

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California governor Jerry Brown signed off on an emergency drought relief package and imposed new statewide regulations on residents, businesses, and farms through an executive order on Wednesday, April 1. This package provides more than $1 billion in funds and mandates state water officials to cut down water consumption by 25 percent. These restrictions will […]