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Photo Essay: Boys’ varsity tennis sweeps Archie Williams in MCAL semifinals
Photo Essay: Boys’ varsity tennis sweeps Archie Williams in MCAL semifinals
Molly Gallagher April 18, 2024

On Wednesday, April 17, the boys’ varsity tennis team dominated their match against Archie Williams in the semi-finals of the Marin County...

Photo Essay: Girls’ varsity lacrosse dominates Branson in a sentimental senior day matchup
Photo Essay: Girls’ varsity lacrosse dominates Branson in a sentimental senior day matchup
Emma Rosenberg and Penelope Trott April 18, 2024

On April 18, the girls’ varsity lacrosse team battled against the Branson Bulls in a blowout senior day matchup. Prior to the start of...

 embracing his coach senior Auden Braden celebrates his final MCAL regular season game
Boys’ volleyball dominates Marin Catholic on Senior Night
Richard Byrne April 18, 2024

On April 17th, the boys’ varsity volleyball team faced off against Marin Catholic (MC) in a Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) game. The...

Face to Face: The battle of the winter sports, snowboarding vs. skiing

Face-to-face is a feature that allows two members of the Redwood community to grill each other, argue or simply converse about a relevant issue or event. We provide the topic and they do the rest. This month’s participants are junior snowboarder Jaque Thier and senior skier Lucas Murgel, who are discussing whether snowboarding or skiing is the better winter sport.


What winter sport do you do and what experience do you have?


Jaque Thier: I’ve been a snowboarder since I was seven and I have a lot of experience across the board. I used to be a park rider and a half-pipe rider and I’d compete in both of those, so I have some experience in the park. I don’t have as much [experience] with big mountain riding, like all the crazy cliffs. I can do some stuff, but not anything extreme. Right now I’m a racer, but I can pretty much ride everything.


Lucas Murgel: I ski. I have a good amount of experience; [I’ve been skiing] every weekend since I was about two years old, and I do it for fun. 


Do you think your winter sport is the best?


JT: I think [snowboarding] does top skiing. We have a lot more freedom and mobility and we just look cooler doing everything.


LM: Yeah, there’s so much more you could do on skis than a snowboard, there’s a lot more creativity in it. 


What do you think makes your winter sport unique?


JT: I’d say it’s really unique because it’s pretty hard to learn but once you [master] it, it’s one of the [greatest] things ever. There’s a lot of different ways you can take it, you could be a big mountain rider, a park rider or a racer; I’m a racer. You have a lot of freedom and it’s really peaceful just being out there.


LM: It’s not as much of a competition, so you’re not really that nervous going into it, it’s always just fun. You could never be extremely nervous or scared about anything.


Is there a mainstream stereotype about your winter sport and do you agree with it?


JT: The mainstream stereotype I’d say is that we’re all bums, sort of like ski bums that don’t want to be skiers but who want something unique, but we just cause problems on the hill. I don’t agree with that [stereotype], I think that there are some people that cause problems on the hill that are snowboarders, but a lot of [the problems] come from entitled skiers.


LM: I think there’s a bit of a stereotype [with people calling skiers] ski bums and stuff, but I do kind of see that though too, the stereotype is sort of true. People throw everything in their lives away to go skiing because they love it and so many people do that. I think the stereotype is that people live at the mountains and in the backs of their cars, which is actually a big thing.


What is your biggest pet peeve about your rival snow sport?


JT: When all of the ski team travels in a pack, or when all the skiers just in general travel in a pack and they block everything, the entire run, the entire lift line, everything is just crowded. Or they’ll cut you off in your run and blame you. 


LM: That [snowboarders] have to strap in. I broke my collarbone because someone ran into me [while I] was waiting for my friend to strap into his snowboard.


What do you admire most about your rival snow sport?


JT: I think it’s really tough. I used to ski, [but] I’m a bad skier. It’s pretty hard to get control of multiple things and be able to do it on a level higher than normal.


LM: Snowboard boots look so much more comfy, that’s the only thing I’ll give them, they’re much more comfy than ski boots. 


Would you recommend skiing or snowboarding to someone who has never been on the mountain?


JT: It depends on what they want. If they just want a good time, skiing, they can suck. But if they want to learn something and get good at something, I’d say snowboarding.


LM: I think skiing is a lot easier to learn for sure, but it’s a lot harder to get really good at. Snowboarding is a lot harder to get good at right away, but once you understand the basics [of snowboarding], I feel like you can progress a lot faster.


If you could convince someone who has never tried a winter sport to try the one you do, how would you convince them?


JT:  I would say that I’m not going to lie to them, it will be tough at first, but once you get the basics of it down, it’s 100 percent worth it and it’s really fun and it’s a really great sport.


LM: ​​That it’s the best experience that they can have; it’s just so free, there’s no other experience like it. 

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