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Lifting weights and lifting spirits

The Bay Club is a great part of the Redwood community as many students go there to work out, debrief from the stresses of school, or even have a job there. The Bay Club includes a variety of activities for people to participate in such as a weight room, sport courts, lap pool and other exercise rooms. Redwood students often incorporate  Bay Club into their daily lives which fills it with student employees and members.

 Senior Charlie Goldstein has worked at  Bay Club for over a year and a half. A day in his life working there consists of checking members in and out at the front desk, selling memberships and merchandise, such as food, beverages, and clothes, and moving equipment along with packages throughout the facility. 

Senior and Bay Club employee, Charlie Goldstein smiles for the camera.

“I would absolutely recommend working here. The environment is great and it comes with benefits such as access to all of the Bay Clubs facilities,” Goldstein said.

His daily life has since changed since he began working at Bay Club. Goldstein uses his job to better himself both physically and mentally. He also believes his job is preparing him well for life outside of high school. 

“Working at Bay Club allows me to get real-world experiences. I think that it is healthy, especially for people my age, to be working here,” said Goldstein.

The work done at the Bay Club requires lots of demanding physical activity and strength.

“The work [I do] here is difficult. [The work I do is] physically demanding as you move around a lot but as long as you are willing to work hard, [the job] is very rewarding,” Goldstein said. 

A significant part of the Redwood population attends activities at Bay Club regularly. Whether it’s to work out, work a job or relax from a long day at school, the Bay Club impacts the Redwood community in various ways.

“I see so many Redwood kids at the Bay Club every single day, I think that the main reason so many people from Redwood come here is because it’s so close to Redwood,” Goldstein said. 

On top of working there, Goldstein enjoys the physical benefits of working at a gym.

“I love that I have the ability to exercise [when I am] on break or in my free time. In addition, the job itself allows for lots of physical activity,” Goldstein said.  

A large number of Redwood students enjoy exercising at Bay Club for various reasons. This includes building muscle, training for sports, and bettering one’s health. The Bay Club has a unique variety of ways to intrigue teenagers.

Sophomore Oliver Rogers and Bay Club member, talks about why he enjoys working out after school. 

“I go to the Bay Club after school because working out helps me gain muscle along with training for water polo [and gives me] a competitive edge,” Rogers said.

Entering perspective of Bay Club’s weight room.

In addition, the Bay Club provides a calming, stress-free environment that contributes to the population of Redwood students who are attracted there to relax from a long school day.

“I go to the gym to give my mind a break and unwind [from the stress of school], I try to go every day so I can be healthier mentally and physically,” Rogers said. 

Another reason for the Bay Club’s involvement in teens’ daily lifestyles is due to the increase in self-esteem. For sophomore Trevor Jaffe, working out increases his mood and happiness. 

“I like going there [Bay Club] because working out makes me satisfied with myself, boosts my confidence and my mental strength. Ever since I started going to Bay Club I have felt overall happier with myself,” Jaffe said. 

 There are also additional benefits that come with being a member or a worker. Redwood alum and avid Bay Club member Zeke Cancelliere goes there often. 

 “On top of going there to lift weights, I enjoy using other things they provide such as the steam room, basketball court, and sauna,” Cancelliere said.

In addition to these amenities, the Bay Club has a lap pool for swimming, courts for sports such as pickleball and basketball, individual yoga, cycling, and pilates classes, as well as a supervised drop-off area for parents to leave their children while they work out. 

Employees of the Bay Club have access to many benefits as well, including access to all Bay Club facilities. 

“The main reason I applied for a job at Bay Club was for access to a free gym membership,” Goldstein said. 

The Bay Club is a great connection to Redwood and its community. Many students enjoy going there to either work out, work a job, or unwind from a stressful day at school.

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