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Infographic by Julia Delsol.
Infographic by Julia Delsol.

Perry’s: The perfect recipe

Under the redwood trees lies Perry’s, a local hotspot for the Marin community. Perry’s is a popular restaurant for both locals and visitors to get together, with a comfortable and casual atmosphere that serves great food and evokes conversation. Perry Butler, the owner of Perry’s, is the real reason why the restaurant is the success that it is today. Butler’s New York charm adds a nostalgic and welcoming vibe, creating an inviting atmosphere for all.

Standing proudly, owner Perry Butler provides a welcoming and charming experience at all four of Perry’s locations.

Butler grew up north of New York City and moved to California after college. He and his first wife were young and had dreams of opening a restaurant in Marin. 

“We had lots of ideas and not a lot of experience, but we put one foot in front of the other and it worked out. We had a good, quiet opening until the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a big story about us and it blew the doors off the place in the fall of [1969],” Butler said.

Butler’s first restaurant was a success, so he decided to open three other locations. One in Novato, one in Larkspur and another in San Francisco. Butler connects all the restaurants together by designing them all similarly, inspired by New York City. All the restaurants have blue and white checkered tablecloths and breadsticks on each table. While every restaurant has its own unique ambiance, shaped by its location and the people it serves, they all share a similar desirable and pleasant feel.

“I think why we do well in all the locations is because we have a fun, casual environment with good food, good drinks and wonderful people working here. You won’t find that anywhere else,” Butler said. 

Not only does Butler want to create a great atmosphere, but he also wants his guests to have a great dining experience.

The outdoor patio, under the redwoods, a popular spot for guests to enjoy their meals while connecting with friends and family.

“We thrive on consistency and doing the same thing over and over again. The people that work for us carry that spirit and that message every day. They are all very great people and get along very well,” Butler said.

Lindsey Kornfeld is a Government and advanced placement (AP) United States History teacher and works as a bartender at Perry’s. Kornfeld has been bartending at Perry’s for almost six years and has loved the environment Butler has created at his restaurants. 


“[Butler] is someone who cares about the community. He has a talent for hosting gatherings that unite people and create a strong sense of community. [Perry’s] does outdoor bars, Christmas tree lightings and candy for Halloween. It is a place where people come together to be united,” Kornfeld said. 

Butler not only loves the community, but he also loves his employees and treats them like family. 

“The thing I love most about Perry’s is the community, truly the people I work with look out for each other. Butler takes the time to meet every single one of his employees, knows everyone’s name and is always checking in with employees, ” Kornfeld said. 

Juan Acevedo is a Corte Madera resident and a Redwood parent. Acevedo frequently goes to Perry’s for many occasions, whether it’s after-work drinks with coworkers, ending a bike ride with friends or any other special event.  

“I enjoy going to Perry’s because of its lovely aura and the great space to gather with friends. The setting under the redwoods is quite spectacular and I have enjoyed many afternoons [there] hanging out with friends,” said Acevedo. “My friends and I have a standing Tuesday night bicycle ride and often we finish the ride with a meal at Perry’s.”

Perry’s Larkspur location has been a go-to spot for almost eight years, attracting people with its amazing food, excellent service and fantastic atmosphere. Perry’s is the perfect recipe for a remarkable dining experience.


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