Shots fired: Senior Assassin comes to a close

Jordan Kimball

As the 2022-23 school year came to a close, the graduating class had many activities to look forward to, including Senior Assassin. With over 50 percent of the grade participating, the game was sure to be competitive, especially with a winning prize of $2,200. The rules of the Senior Assassin are simple. Each team is comprised of four seniors, who assign one of their teammates to be the captain for the week. Then, another team is assigned to track them, and their goal is to eliminate the captain or at least one person on the other team by shooting them with a water gun in order to move on to the next round. If a team’s captain is eliminated, so is the entire team. However, there are several places where team members cannot be eliminated, such as sports practices, their homes and school. Spanning over the last seven weeks, participating seniors have been afraid to go about their everyday lives due to the chance of getting eliminated.

As the 67 original teams dwindled to only four by the final week of school, the teams were tasked with getting all players on the other team, not just one or two as it had been in the previous weeks.

This past weekend was the last chance for eliminations, and as Sunday ended, “Team Pinky Promise” and “Jay’s a Hater” secured the win, with each member winning $275. “Team Pinky Promise” consisted of Quinn Miller, Ella Endler, Sophia Acker and Zeke Cancelliere. “Jay’s a Hater” had Brady Weingart, Sam Janowsky, Rory Minty and Anton Rendic. After an exciting seven weeks, these teams are happy that they can finally relax, knowing that they have won.

“[Senior Assassin] was definitely fun but also tiring. I would walk outside of my house and would be frantically looking around to make sure no one was going to shoot me,” Miller said.

For both teams, it wasn’t easy to stay hidden and avoid other teams, especially with sports practices and games, studying at the library and just being around town, but some people enjoyed the nervousness and uncertainty more than others. Miller thought that part of the fun of the game was knowing that a player could get eliminated at any time without even knowing what team was going after them.

“I would walk around Town Center with friends wondering if they were going to eliminate me or if someone was going to come up from behind me,” Miller said. “It’s a great way to end senior year with everyone playing one big game before everyone is off in their own directions.”

This game was just one of many memories that the senior class will take with them as they leave Redwood. Congratulations to the class of 2023 as they prepare for their future adventures.