How much of our identity is made up by genetics?

Gillian Reynolds


I always knew that my brother and I were created in a more unconventional way. My mother and father had us later in life, thus creating a challenge for my mom to have children. They turned to IVF, and then decided on using a donor, making us donor babies. We were related to my dad genetically but held no genetics in common with my mother. My family always joked that my twin brother Jarrett and I were “lab babies,” and the image that first used to come to mind to me was a baby in a petri dish. But as I got older my curiosity grew for what that really meant. I started to wonder about my family tree, my heritage, and my ancestors. While I had never felt a disconnect with not being related to my mother, I wanted to understand it better. Through the various findings and research I have compiled, I circled all my work around this one question: How much of our identity is made up by genetics? To continue reading this story click here: