Photo Essay: Giants narrowly defeated by San Marin in MCAL semifinals despite Rex Solle’s pitching masterpiece

Kyler Wang

On Tuesday, May 9, the varsity baseball team clashed with the San Marin Mustangs in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) semifinals, delivering a tightly contested game that ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of San Marin.

The game began with the Mustangs taking an early lead in the first inning, scoring a run on a sacrifice fly, which provided a quick deficit for the Giants. However, their resilient defense held firm for the remaining innings, preventing San Marin from adding any more runs to the board until the seventh and final inning. Junior Rex Solle, Redwood’s pitcher, showcased his skill and determination on the mound, striking out nine batters and allowing only two earned runs while pitching a complete game.

In the fourth inning, Redwood began their comeback as Jack Moseley, a standout freshman, crossed the plate to tie the game. Despite their efforts, Redwood could not capitalize further and push ahead on the scoreboard in the inning.

Notably, in the seventh inning, San Marin’s Anthony Scheppler delivered a stunning home run that provided the decisive go-ahead run, further intensifying the game.

Both teams displayed impressive performances at the plate, with San Marin’s hitters recording eight hits, including notable displays from Riley Desilva and Scheppler. Redwood’s offense demonstrated resilience as well, with Solle, senior Rory Coughlan and sophomore Matthew Knauer contributing key hits.

Defensively, The Giants showcased their skills and focus, making crucial plays throughout the game. First baseman and senior Rory Minty exhibited outstanding defensive prowess, while sophomore Lucas Ghio’s impressive tracking of a high pop-up added to the defensive highlights.

Ultimately, San Marin emerged as the victors, securing their spot in the MCAL championship game. Despite the loss, the Giants displayed unwavering determination and teamwork, leaving it all on the field.