Benchwarmers Organization, developing athletics on and off the bench

Every school in Marin has their own booster program to support their athletics. Redwood High School is especially lucky to have such an accommodating one. Benchwarmers is a sports booster organization that funds what the Redwood athletic program doesn’t have the budget  for. Benchwarmers covers requests from teams, whether it’s new jerseys or entire sound systems.

Awarding the athletes the Benchwarmers help fund the well-deserved awards. (Photo courtesy of

Once a month, Benchwarmers holds meetings where the organization’s president, Kevin Vasquez, presents requests from the Redwood athletic director, Jessica Peisch. Teams request  sporting equipment, and the board decides what is necessary for each team. 

Vasquez became the president of this organization after the prior president’s kids graduated from Redwood. Four of Vasquez’s five kids currently attend Redwood, and he has an excellent sports background as he is Redwood’s boys’ varsity assistant basketball coach. Vasquez feels this is what makes him capable to lead Benchwarmers. 

“I love sports, being involved in the community, and helping out where I can, so [Benchwarmers] is just a nice fit for me,” Vasquez said.

Being the president for two consecutive years has allowed Vasquez to become confident in his role, and he’s focused on achieving Benchwarmer’s ultimate goals. 

“We look ahead at what sports teams will need in the future from a developmental standpoint,” said Vasquez.

He explains that team funding is given on a “as needed basis.” Benchwarmers covers items like jerseys to an audio system that will be utilized on the football field by multiple sports. Vasquez also takes pride in how the Benchwarmers organization distributes its funds equally to each team without giving one team priority over another. 

“There really is no delineation or distinction between teams. There are just re

Utilizing equipment funded by Benchwarmers, the Redwood lacrosse team rejoices in their win. (Photo courtesy of Marin Independent Journal)

quests that we receive,” said Vasquez. 

Benchwarmers is extraordinarily important to the community, as Redwood would not have a sports program without them. Due to Redwood being so tied into the organization, it is essential to understand how Benchwarmers makes use of donations from the community.  

“The community should know that their money is being utilized really well. Our goal is to enhance and improve our student-athletes. The number is well into the thousands of kids who participate in sports [at Redwood], and the money that is being contributed to athletics is being used very wisely,” said Vasquez. 

Displayed in the gym the Benchwarmers contribute to the Athletic Awards. (Photo courtesy of

As the athletic director, Peisch is in charge of receiving and managing requests and bringing them to Benchwarmers meetings. If the quote gets approved, then the organization is able to purchase the items. Peisch’s responsibility is to facilitate and communicate what teams and coaches want. 

“This is the best setup we could have. If coaches or athletes have a vision, Benchwarmers is there to support it. We’re fortunate to have them,” Peisch said. 

Overall, the Benchwarmers Organization is a vital asset to Redwood athletics. With high school sports playing a considerable role in Marin’s culture, organizations such as Benchwarmer’s are essential.