Boys’ tennis sweeps the court in their last regular season match

Graham Weir and Tyler Sofnas

On Friday, April 7, the Redwood boys’ varsity tennis team ended their regular season on a high note. They dominated the match against Archie Williams (Archie) with a sweep of seven to zero. This was the last game for some of the seniors, making it very emotional. 

Senior Kyle DeVilbis shares his emotions after he played his last tennis match for the Redwood varsity tennis team.

“My last Redwood match was a good way to end it. I’m happy I got to play with my teammate Jack Taylor and how we have been playing together all of my tennis careers,” DeVilbis said. 

Taylor and DeVilbis were the top doubles team during the matches, and won both of their sets, 6-3 and 7-6. However, in the final points of the match, they extended the game in order to soak in the moment even longer. Redwood won their two other doubles games with crushing scores of 6-0, 6-0, and 6-1, 6-3. 

The singles side of the game was just as easy for Redwood. Star player Jackson Sichel won the top single game of the match, with a consistent forehand and strong serve. This led the way for the other singles, with all of them winning as well.  

Head coach Craig Flax is hoping they can come back and upset Branson in playoffs, a great team that beat Redwood twice in the regular season. 

 “We hope to play Branson in the playoffs with a healthy team finally. It will be a very exciting matchup,” Flaxsaid.

The MCAL playoffs are coming up and the team is ready, with their first game on April 18th.