Boys’ varsity tennis ace Marin Catholic, clean sweep them 7-0 on senior night

With celebration and joy, the boy’s tennis team commemorated their seniors’ accomplishments on and off the court at home on Monday, April 3. The Giants boy’s tennis team put on a show during senior night, sweeping the scoreboard against Marin Catholic (MC) to wrap up the season and secure a top seed in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) playoffs. 

Despite the harsh winds limiting play, the Giants felt good coming into the event, even though one of their best players, Liam Carpenter, has been out for the whole season. Senior Jackson Bramlette talks of the adversity of playing without his teammate and how they managed to pull out such a decisive victory nonetheless.

“In terms of [today], we had to come together mentally to crack down on MC and not lose in a silly manner. We hope to have [Carpenter] back for the later playoffs like NCS and states but today was a great win for the team and a sign of what is hopefully to come,” Bramlette said. 

Getting ready to return a ball, senior Hayden Gerber winds up his forehand shot.

The boys’ statement win started early, with each of the doubles matchups being taken care of fairly quickly. Seniors Bramlette and his partner Matt Benbow clean swept their opponents in two sets, both six games to none. Seniors Jack Taylor and his partner Kyle Devilbiss also won in two sets, winning games 6 to 1 and 6 games to 3. Finally, junior Julian Monatlik and his senior partner Cole Seifer won their respective match in three sets, winning set one six games to three and set three 10 points to three.

When the time for the singles games came, the Giants were ready, winning all of their matches in the easiest fashion of two sets. Junior Jackson Sichel handled business, winning sets six games to 3 and 6 games to 1, while senior Mateo Cubillo won both sets six games to 2. Senior Hayden Gerber played with composure, winning sets six games to 1 and 6 games to 4. Finally, rounding out the clean sweep, junior prospect Chris Lee easily handled the opposition, winning sets six games to one and six games to two. 

Lee, a pivotal player for the team and friend of many seniors, reflects on what his team has endured this season and how special it is to see his fellow senior teammates have their night.

“It’s been a hard season with the rain but it’s been a good couple of years for the seniors and I’m sure they’re glad to win tonight and celebrate with everyone. I know all of the seniors have been embracing the moment and savoring their time on the team because they know that all good things must come to an end, so it was awesome to see them perform so well tonight and have a senior night to remember,” Lee said.

Tossing the ball in the air, junior Jackson Sichel gets ready to fire a serve at his opponent.

With the matches focused on senior night, all of the seniors seemed to have a good time while enjoying the win. A sense of nostalgia was also infused in the seniors though, taking every last second in before heading home and preparing for the few games left. Bramlette speaks on his experience in the Giants tennis program and what tonight meant to him.

“I’ve been on the team for four years and it’s been fun to see some of my friends who have also been on the team graduate with me and for us to have one last ride together. It’s a little sad but it’s cool that we have been able to play together and win tonight on the night dedicated to us,” Bramlette said. 

The boys’ tennis team looks forward to Friday, April 7, for their final matchup against Archie Williams at home before gearing up for the playoffs, but more importantly, the seniors’ last run at the championship. Lee talks about the end of the season and the upcoming playoffs.

“I’m looking forward to it. One last ride for the class of ‘23,” said Lee.