Photo Essay: Girls’ varsity basketball faces crushing loss on Senior Night

Dani Steinberg

On Saturday, Feb. 4, the girls’ varsity basketball team took on the Branson Bulls. This was an intense matchup as the varsity girls’ had been preparing to get revenge for their loss earlier in the season. The game started slow, as both teams adjusted to each other’s style of play, and the first quarter ended with Branson ahead 14-8. The rest of the game sped up as there were moments when the Bulls began to slow down on offense and were tied with the Giants; However, those moments did not last long as Branson and Redwood alike utilized their timeouts to reconvene and come back on the court ready to gain more points. Although the results of this game would not have changed the ranking of each team, the Giants hoped for the win but did not achieve that goal as the final score was 63-48. The varsity girls will now be playing on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at Marin Catholic (MC), to begin their playoff competition, against MC at 5:30 p.m.