Photo Essay: Girls’ varsity basketball faces tough loss against Marin Catholic

Lily Reese

A tough loss hit the girls’ varsity basketball team on Tuesday, Jan. 31, when they played Marin Catholic (MC). Since MC is undefeated, the giants expected a tough game and ended with a final score of 54-18. Despite preparing, and practicing every day, the girls were unable to win. With students flooding in during the second half with a starting score of 44-14, the girls continued to take shots and picked up their defensive game significantly, but, it was too late to turn the game around. A lot of heart and soul was shown, as the giants were being supported by youngsters and alumni throughout the crowd. The game was an unfortunate loss for our Giants, but an incredible effort and the player’s hard work shined through. Even after the tough loss, the Giants hope to get a win in their next game on Feb. 4, at 6 p.m. as they travel to face Novato.