Marin Catholic puts Redwood’s six-game win streak to sleep

“I think our game against Marin Catholic (MC) tonight is very important because MC has been the best in the league [this season]. They are definitely the ones we want to beat,” captain Ru Todd said before the matchup on Jan. 10. “Right now, MC is underestimating us and I’m excited to prove all the work we have put in [to improve this season].”

Cheering after the first quarter, the junior varsity cheerleaders try to uplift the parent section.

With a series of six wins, three of which were against Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) teams, the girls’ varsity basketball team was on a win streak. However, this streak suddenly ended when they faced MC. The team hoped to be triumphant against MC, Redwood’s top rival, but fell short of this goal when the game ended with a score of 58-32. 

Todd went into the game with high aspirations and reflected on her team’s advancement from the beginning of the season. 

“As a whole, I think [the team] has improved a ton. We are a lot more organized and I think we play a lot better as a team,” Todd said. “We have come a long way since the beginning and we have put in a lot of work to get here.”

However, Todd also noted areas for improvement, especially for this game against the team’s rival. 

“Something we have been focusing on is our turnovers [to the other team]. … We are already improving; in the last two games we have had around 15 turnovers, which is really good for us,” Todd said. “I think we also need to not be nervous and not be scared of MC just because of their name.”

Although her ultimate goal was not achieved, the girls still played with strength and ferocity. Additionally, the team could attribute some of this loss to their recent injuries. 

“It’s super tough because we have two really valuable players (Ainsley Gallagher and Tatum McPeek) out right now, and they will probably be out for the rest of the season. But I think it just means that players are going to [have to] step up to fill in their roles,” Todd said.

Ainsley sustained an arm injury in the team’s recent game against Terra Linda on Jan. 7 and it will most likely require surgery. Molly Gallagher, teammate and twin sister of Ainsley, was initially distressed by her fall. 

Taking a breath during the game, freshman Kitty White focuses on the next play.

“When Ainsley got hurt, [I felt affected at first] because I was worried about her. But now that I know that she is fine, I do not think it will impact me,” Molly said. “I think we will be able to move past [our injuries]. Of course, it sucks that they can’t play with us but we can’t change that.”

Regardless of this loss, the team still has various goals for the rest of the season; the main one being to win MCALs. 

“Our goal from the beginning has been to win MCALs and bring this program back to what it has been,” Todd said. “Overall, our other goal is to have fun and have a good season.”

While this is just one loss, the season is far from over. The girls will play again on Jan. 12 against Novato as they look to begin a new victory streak.