Back to School Dance Recap

Matthew Friend

The administration implemented a variety of changes this year to the Back to School Dance, producing noticeable change from the event a year ago.

The number of suspensions given this year decreased substantially, from fifteen at the prior dance to only one this year, according to Dave Plescia, Leadership Advisor.

Additionally, everyone who was given a breathalyzer test passed, Plescia said.  Students who received the number 16 out of 25 on a random number generator were asked to submit to the test.

Security was increased inside the dance as well, with private security placed in the hallways and dance floor.  Metal barring was also implemented to help separate the DJ from students.

The cost for both of these increased security measures came to a total of $2,300, according to Plescia.

Plescia also said.the DJ was also instructed to play more mellow music, in response to past years music choices.

“The D.J. already knows he’s going to play A, radio songs, and B, songs that are appropriate for high school,” Plescia said.  “We are just trying to find a happy medium of not too mellow.”

These new costs were offset by increased ticket prices, changing from $10 to $15.

The attendance at the dance was lower than last years, with 963 students in attendance according to Plescia, compared to nearly 1,100 last year.

According to Plescia, the administration is pleased with the results of this years dance, and believes similar policies will be instituted at next years dance as well, in addition to possible future Redwood events.