UPDATE: New policies regarding Back to School Dance

Matthew Friend

Story updated 10:00 a.m. to reflect change in ticket price

The Back to School Dance will take place as usual this upcoming Friday, with some new changes in policy planned for the event.

The administration announced in an email Tuesday that in response to attendance size and past events, practices such as increased security, random breathalyzing of students, and stricter dress code enforcement would be enacted at the dance.

Katy Foster, the Assistant Principal in charge of student activities, said that the exact details behind some of the new policies are currently unclear.  For example, the exact procedure behind random breathalyzing of students is still being worked out to keep entrance to the dance fluid.

“At other schools they’ll roll a die, and if you get a 6 you get breathalyzed,” Foster said.  “If we did one in six with 1000 kids coming, we’d be there all night.  Somehow it’s got to be a bigger number.”

In regards to the dress code, Foster said that the administration would place an additional focus on the issue of girls unbuttoning their shirts below an appropriate level.

“With more adults there, there will be people to say button your shirt, pull up your shirt, and if the student keeps not doing it then we’ll have to see what the exact [response] might be,” Foster said.

Additionally, Foster said that students could be turned away at the door for dressing inappropriately.

One policy that is firm, however, is the addition of up to eight new security guards.  Foster said that the addition is meant to help supervise the increasing attendance at the dance, and would patrol both the second floor quad.

Foster also said that ticket prices would increase to $15 this year.

An additional email was sent out from the administration reminding seniors who are suspended during the first semester cannot appeal for their removal from their record until the Spring Semester.