Friday Night Live Event Cancelled

Matthew Friend

Friday Night Live’s last event of the year, a movie and swimming night, has been cancelled after organizers missed a deadline for required paperwork.

The event was to have taken place at Redwood’s pool, where students could come swim and watch Finding Nemo at the same time.

“This was supposed to be for the seniors in the club to relinquish power to the freshmen who’ll be taking over next year,” said club president Grace Gravley. “Because we were planning on having a swimming event, though, Mr. Sondheim had a list of requirements that had to be met by Monday, and I guess there were a few communication errors.”

Despite this year-end falter, Gravley said she feels like Friday Night Live has had a successful first year.

“We had a lot of awesome events, and definitely a more positive response than we’d initially hoped for,” she said. “We have one last event coming up that’s just for club members, and hopefully that’ll pump the remaining club members up for next year.”

While much of the club is made up of graduating seniors, Gravley said she is confident that junior Mackenzie Hutchinson and several freshmen will keep putting on events next year.

“Ideally we’ll keep having cool events, and more people from incoming classes will join,” she said.