Blow-ups, bones and back-from-the-dead: 2021’s best Halloween house-sitters

Chloe Bishop

As October reaches its end and Halloween approaches, it is safe to say that Marin residents have fully embraced the spirit of a “spooky season,” as many Redwood students would call it. Driving around Larkspur, students see front yards adorned with pumpkins, bushes and trees covered by larger-than-life spider webs, and lawns scattered with creepy critters. However, those that are lucky, or unlucky if you will, may pass by certain homes where decorations are tremendous, and are bound to frighten those who are not expecting them. Decorating homes for holidays is no small task, and these homes within the district have proven to be at the top of the list. These featured decorations are a nod to those who are filling our community with the most spirit  and us with the most fear this Halloween season.