Connecting through color: public art across Marin


“[Art] is someone protesting themself; it’s someone protesting the world. It’s someone protesting their feelings. Even if it’s [for] something wonderful. I don’t know what the strict definition of protest is, but it’s speaking out,” Grace Westbrook, a Mill Valley community member, said. “[Art is whatever] you perceive it [as], and that in and of itself is pretty beautiful.”

For Westbrook and others, public art in the Bay Area plays a significant role in uniting communities. Murals, sculptures and other public works of art dot the county’s meandering streets, accenting the occasional building-side and complementing the surrounding natural terrain. The numerous color combos and abstract shapes can function as an escape for those seeking peace of mind, a conversation starter for art appreciators, a special spot for social gatherings or a way to raise awareness. The many artists and art-lovers dwelling in the Bay Area keep creativity afloat, constantly introducing new ideas and creating beauty throughout the community.